Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Like trying to catch a star

A fairly quick post today (note to the world: procrastination = bad), and we're going with something simple, upbeat, catchy, and, maybe most importantly, energizing. I've been in a mood to listen to a certain type of song more often than usual lately--in general, I think we could describe them as modern '80's or early '90's-sampling dance/dance-pop songs with an emphasis on just being ridiculously danceable--Ferry Corsten's "Fire," for example, though good at times, doesn't quite fit the bill for this; it's not quite throw-you-hands-up-in-the-air-and-dance enough. Eric Prydz's "Call On Me," Sunblock's "I'll Be Ready" are both getting there and generally work, Dancing DJs' reworking of "Fading Like A Flower"is good, but probably my favorite of these songs is the one I'm posting today.

Falling Stars--in which the Sunset Strippers take Boy Meets Girl's great late '80's song "Waiting For A Star To Fall" and make it a complete anthem. For what? Well, dancing, I guess, but just about anything you want it to soundtrack. Yeah, part of a sampling battle back when it came out in 2006 (Cabin Crew also released a song sampling "Waiting For A Star To Fall" around the same time)--this is the one I love, though.

To buy Sunset Strippers' single "Falling Stars," go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: I'm not sure. But I do know the edit/clips of Enrique's "Tired Of Being Sorry" video they showed on America's Top Model today--the ones with the models in it--are definitely not in the original. I wonder...what's the point in refilming (for Enrique) if the single's already been released everywhere it's going to be released? Does that mean it's getting a U.S. release? I haven't bothered looking it up, but last I heard we were getting "Somebody's Me"--heck, he even got a guest spot singing the Spanish version of it on another TV show earlier on. "Tired Of Being Sorry" is by far the better song, but I don't really expect anything on the album to take off here...sadly. Wish something would.


Paul said...

i didn't pay much attention when Enrique released Tired Of Being Sorry here, but i have to say it has really grown on me quite a lot. What a perfectly splendid tune. Somebodys Me is out here in the Christmas rush so probably will get squashed by all the more hyped releases, but yeah, not a GREAT choice for single.

I love old hits being reworked as dance remixes, particularly when they are done well and keep the sunshine but make it cool to dance to them too! I totally forgot about this one and now can't get it out of my head.

moai13 said...

do you have the bonus track ?
Céline Dion - The Reason I Go On

Adem IAR said...

I actually like both the Sunset Strippers and Cabin Crew versions! I remember at the time Armand Deluxe from Cabin Crew being quite adamant about their version being the first to use the sample. In fact, I'm pretty sure the Australian half of Cabin Crew (not Armand - don't remember his name) was quite vocal in the local press about his frustration with the timing too.

Ho hum!

J'ason D'luv said...

Boo to Cabin Crew... Sunset Stripperpoles all the way!

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, me too, Paul (re: liking that sort of song). And I'm still not pleased about the "Somebody's Me" as the second U.S. single thing :-/

Moia13, I don't have it myself--I've sort of ignored this latest Celine project after not thinking much of the lead single (though the video was fabulously over the top and I've already decided I want her to use this concept--not the song, but the concept--for the video for whatever her next single is)--is the album good? I know Poptastic posted the album and included that song--you can download it from here. I hope that helps!

Adem, I like both versions, too--I don't think I made it clear there, but I love the '80's original so much that any song that used it in that way was going to get my stamp of approval. I would've been so upset if I was the first one to get approval and then heard about the other song, though!

Woo for the Sunset Strippers! ;)