Friday, November 30, 2007

Des mots qui deviennent obsolètes

I never thought I would think the following song is as great as I do now, but I do--I've really come to be in complete love with it since I first posted it back in September.

In fact, we might be able to say I'm addicted to it. I know, I know, there's something kind of inherently non-classy about Lorie and it's not cool at all to like her (she's got a reputation as being just for little kids), but really, "Je vais vite" is fantastic dance-pop and (predictably) I've ordered the full album--the previews of it just sounded too good to pass up (I'll definitely write about it at some point after I get it), and I had to get the physical version if only to satisfy my curiosity about the credits for "Play" and to have any sort of chance at understanding the lyrics, as one site said (though possibly in jest) that the song "2Lor en moi?" was like her "Piece Of Me." As attempted reinventions go, Lorie might be "borrowing" pretty heavily from other artists, but she's hit on a pop subgenre that I enjoy too much for me to pass up. Plus, the video is nicely glossy and I like the dancing.

In preemptive celebration of the album, here's one of the more dance-pop sounding songs from her previous album, Rester la même.

On chante--this is rushing upbeat dance-pop that kind of bridges the gap between Lorie's earlier material and her new stuff (well, what I've heard of it, anyway)--it's got the dance influences of her latest album, but the kind of youthful unselfconsciouness of her earlier music (though even Rester la même was an attempt to "mature" her image and sound, I think). I do think Lorie is trying to make herself cooler now, and even if I'm amused by her definition of cool and really looking forward to hearing 2Lor en moi, there's something to be said for this bright style of music that's really all about fun. The lyrics may be cheesy, but they're very "aww" in a power-of-music kind of way as well. I love the little tossed off "on chante"s and "obsolètes". Pure pop greatness.

To buy Lorie's album Rester la même, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe something off a just-released and surprisingly very good Swedish album.


Robpop said...

I love Lorie. Her new.....single is sublime. Its very Dannii-esq (Song and video). PPG i havent been around much so while i am here/on the subject of french pop princess's i thought you might know of Priscilla.

All her music is very addictive:


This Amel brilliant:

It includes cute sailors. I dont need so say anything more!

Poster Girl said...

Robpop, I love getting comments from you :) I don't know how I didn't respond to your big comment on Me & My, but it was great!

It's so funny you mention Priscilla! I just saw her mentioned near Lorie and was wondering what she was like. I like the song--thanks!

I don't know that much by Leslie and Amel, but I really like Leslie's duet with Amine, "Sobri 2." And I knew that song by Amel but hadn't seen the video! It really adds to the song.

RV said...

you can read my review of her latest album in english on my MySpace blog :
except I didn't know then there's a bonus track (#13) available online (iTunes,, and it's a very good one too ;)

Poster Girl said...

Oh, RV, that's got me even more excited for the album now! I'm so glad it'll be worth the purchase--that's exactly the sort of things I was hoping to hear about it! Plus it's good to actually "get" what the title means now.

These digital bonus tracks drive me crazy, though--what about those of us who don't live in France (or whatever country the artist is based out of, since loads of artists do this nowadays)? It means we either have to go without or illegally download them.

You've reminded me that I want to write about that Young Divas album at some point as well!