Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I see what I need to do

We go kind of tragic today, and that's a good thing; Heidi Montag's song "Body Language" is great. I've not seen more than a few episodes of The Hills, MTV's reality show centered around the lives of some well-off post-high school kids in California, so I can't provide the best of background about her--not that most of you probably care. All that you probably need to know is she's the former friend of the show's protagonist, Lauren, but she and boyfriend Spencer are now on Lauren's bad list--or at least, that's where it all stood when I last watched. Still, whatever she (or anyone else on the show) is actually like hasn't stopped her from ending up with a good song. Apparently it won't be her first single, though, which is silly (even sillier is that she calls it a "non-album track," so I presume it wouldn't even be on a theoretical album from her--she does say she's working on an album now); even if it flopped, I doubt she's likely to end up with a better song.

Body Language--sort of from the "The Way I Are"/"Gimme More" school of pop. Yeah, sure, there's nothing classy about it, but it's got an inspired use of sample. I know, I know, "but it's such an obvious choice!" (from Yazoo's "Situation")--well, that's a good thing. Sometimes a part of a song is so good that all you really want is to hear that part over and over again, and that's what "Body Language" gives us. Even beyond the sample, though, it's got a good chorus (stick it out past that first verse if you can) and the processed backing vocals, made to bounce back and forth and flutter, are a nice touch. This is the version without Spencer's rap, for obvious reasons.

I have no idea if this song will ever be released--it sounds like it probably won't be--so I can't show you where to buy it. If she ever does release an album, though, Amazon should carry it. Better off reading Chart Rigger's thoughts on it here, though.

Next up: I'm not really sure--maybe something Dutch.


Paul said...

Well i've never watched these hills you speak of :P So i went in with no preconceptions and rolled my eyes during the first verse. It's quite nice but i won't be listening again. I bumped her booty off for some more blake. and you are right. His hat? Get over it already - it's freaking awful! Back to Heidi - what a great name btw, i really want to watch the tv show of the little girl who lives in the hills or something and makes friends with a girl with no legs called Clara. my memory might be slightly off on that one.

Yuяi said...

Unlike Mr. Paul, I actually like "Body Language" against my better judgment. It's because of the ace use of the sample--make no mistake about it. And I am not tempted to watch the show or to pick up any other tunes that she may have out there. It's all about Yazoo! :)

J'ason D'luv said...

I posted this trash song back in September, which had RobPop speculating it was a Kylie reject from her Body Language album.

J'ason D'luv said...

Oops, I see that you had actually linked to the post... I didn't read that last part.

One thing I've been wanting to mention, but might as well do here since you might not post about them in awhile, is that I really like the Backstreet Boys album! After you had said you didn't like much off it, I had low espectations, which I think helped for me. I'm pleasantly surprised by their stab at electro with "Everything But Mine," their stab at reggae with "Panic" and a, uh, a few other ones. It's much more upbeat than Never Gone!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I'm not really sure what you're talking about by the end of that comment ;) It's all good, though.

I know exactly what you mean! One person who heard it told me they should "take that cell phone ringing noise out"--the song wouldn't be anything without the sample!

Oh, really? Paul likes it, you like it--I'll go back and relisten. It definitely was more upbeat than Never Gone, but I'm not sure how much the hooks stuck with me. Maybe I was too negative going in? I'll give it another spin, just to see. "Everything But Mine" is good, though, I agree.