Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You got my dedication, baby, take it on

According to Aftonbladet, Danny's submitted a song for next year's Melodifestivalen (I think). I don't think I've ever actually watched any of his live performances, but given how great Heart.Beats was, I have trouble imagining it's anything other than a fantastic song, at the very least, and I imagine he must have done a lot of gigging at this point and be pretty used to performing. And wasn't there a lot of praise for his performance of "Öpnna din dörr" (which, granted, is a completely different style) on Idol?

Plus, I think he says in an interview that his next album is due out next spring (which makes sense, if he's hoping to be in Melodifestivalen, but is a pleasant surprise for me).

Edit: and we might as well put all the Melodifestivalen speculation and gossip in this post--Expressen's saying there could be a Carola-BWO rematch (despite the article including Martin Rolinski saying that BWO isn't currently planning on it--he just says never say never), with Charlotte Perrelli, Helena Paparizou, Linda Bengtzing, and Jonas Gardell all being mentioned as possibilities as well. There's also been talk about the new Alcazar, though not in this article. All the locations for the various rounds have been released as well, with tickets going on sale October 5.

(Perpetual footnote for Swedish news: all of this could be completely wrong.)


Len said...

What about BWO's coyly suggesting that the next national finals they planned to enter would be for Poland, Martin's home country?

Robpop said...

Danny should be careful........he doesnt want to be kicked out like Agnes was.

Poster Girl said...

Oh yeah! I'd forgotten about that. I'm too new to this to know--I thought at the time they were just joking, but any way they could get to Eurovision would be a good thing.

Robpop, that was exactly the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline for it as well! As long as he doesn't say the song name, though, I think he's fine...and are we ever going to get to hear that Agnes song?