Monday, September 03, 2007

Was born to reach for the sky

Ola Svensson's new single will be called "S.O.S." and he'll be performing it on TV September 21. I'm very interested to hear it, as hopefully it'll give us an indication of what the rest of the album is like.

Now, you're probably thinking, that shouldn't really matter--if the album's due out September 12, we'll have heard all the songs by then. Well, maybe not--though I did say earlier that's when the album was due out, apparently it's been bumped back; Ginza has now changed the date of release for Good Enough to October 3. anyhow, that news of course led to Googling, and the mystery of Ola's connection to the (Hungarian?) film industry deepens: there's an article here that says Ola is singing a song he co-wrote called "Follow Your Heart" for a Hungarian film called S.O.S. Love; there's an article in Hungarian about it here (where the film's Hungarian title, S.O.S. szerelem!, is used) from back in February. So, you know, my thoughts went something like "Hmm, well, film with 'S.O.S' in the title, now there's going to be a song with that title--seems like too much of a coincidence...did they maybe just rename 'Follow Your Heart' to 'S.O.S.'?" Well, probably not, because one download later, I was listening to "Follow Your Heart" from the S.O.S. Love soundtrack (which is sort of dull, to be honest) and there's no mention of the phrase "S.O.S." in it--just coincidence after all, I guess. And it doesn't even seem like this is the same film as the one I wrote about a few days ago, despite the fact that Puskas - The Legend, too, could be Hungarian, if it is actually about the Hungarian football/soccer player, because S.O.S. Love is apparently about a professional matchmaker. Sigh. I give up trying to understand what's happening or the relationships between any of these random bits of news or even if this will end up having relevance to this upcoming album. Oh, and I think the article also says he passed up the chance to participate in last year's Melodifestivalen.

Elsewhere, he describes the album as "80's inspired" (is that the best way for pop artists to get credibility nowadays? Look to--or at least say they looked to--the '80's?) and mentions George Michael and Toto. Which isn't what I would have expected if you're going with a lead single like "Natalie," but how accurate these descriptions are is always questionable. He also mentions that he's worked with songwriters who have worked with Britney Spears, Westlife, and Backstreet Boys.

No, I haven't been obsessively checking his site for updates--what are you talking about?

(It's not that I expect the album to be some work of staggering genius, but the lack of information is going to drive me crazy. And the real question, of course, is if we're ever going to get a Tony Nilson album or if he's going to write more songs for people--I'd love an album full of stuff in the vein of his version of "Natalie.")


Paul said...

Ola! I am very into my mainland european pop at the moment, and this will further satisfy the constant craving i mentioned in the last comment where i spelt investigate wrong. Though i quite like the word investilgate! haha. Anyway, you must add Osvaldo to your list of hunky euro men to listen to!

Poster Girl said...

Hah, I'm always up for more hunky European men to listen to ;) Though with Ola it's really just all about the music.