Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take my heart as a token, it's no use to me; I don't need it, it's broken

I've been meaning to post the following song for a while now, but at the rate I'm going, I'm never going to get around to it (watch me end up posting it two days from now), so I thought I'd post the music video for it.

Periodically I fall for this certain type of R&B song--pretty, melodic, sad...Ne-Yo's "So Sick" and Mario Vazquez's "Gallery" (which Ne-Yo wrote) come to mind. Norwegian (Indonesian-born) singer (from Idol, I think) Wisnu's "Love Like That" falls into that category. I suppose it's arguably generic, and maybe it's just tradition now that I take one of these sort of songs to heart every now and again, but "Love Like That" has hooked me in. It's not mind-blowing, but it crept up on me and I soon found myself really liking it in a "I really wouldn't mind hearing that on the radio" way.

For what it's worth, I think it's written and produced by Stargate (who, among other things, have often worked with Ne-Yo, including on "So Sick"). I wish I knew more about music to describe them, but there's a certain set of notes that keeps repeating--it's what makes the song.

Wisnu's single "Love Like That" is available for purchase here (digital).


J'ason D'luv said...

I think my fave Stargate track is "Always Come Back To your Love" by Samantha Mumba (I think that's what it's called). Great all-around pop song!

And as for cheesy R&B fun, J. Holiday's "Bed" is kinda my new guilty pleasure... kinda.

Poster Girl said...

I just saw that J. Holiday song in your list of the U.S. top 10 and was wondering what it was!

Me in bad pop fan mode: the only Samantha Mumba songs I know are "Always Come Back To Your Love" and "Gotta Tell You." Both are fantastic, though! You've inspired me to go listen to them...

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