Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday night we'll pack the floor

So I was messing about on this site (which is excellent for Melodifestivalen history) and looking at some of the songs that have been rejected over the years when I noticed that one of the songs rejected on the last day in the 2007 review process was called "Work It (Everybody)"--that's got to be the song Gerard went on to cover in Spanish and that I mentioned you can listen to a demo of on another site, doesn't it? I noticed there was another song in the same situation called "Tid att gå vidare"--I'm not sure about timelines, but that could've been the Thomas G:son-penned song Barbados would go on to release, couldn't it (not necessarily, of course, given that there have been other songs with that title and it's not an uncommon phrase)? The title "Gomenasai" jumped out at me considering that BWO have a song with that title on their album, but I imagine those one word titles can be deceptive (it's hardly as if they're the only act to ever record a song with that title), and that doesn't seem to fit with the image I have of what BWO were wanting to do (which really isn't based on anything, to be honest).

More speculative stuff: another of the songs on that list is called "Addicted" and that's the title of another song Gerard has recorded, written by the same people who did "Work It (Everybody)." If I'm remembering correctly, that's also a title of a song that supposedly Ola was considering as releasing as the second single after "Natalie." Could potentially be either of those, both of them (though I would tentatively lean towards not; if Gerard is going with the style of "Work It (Everybody)" and his "Addicted" also fits with that style, it seems like a song that would fit better on Ola's first album than second, from what we've heard so far), or neither. Another song on the list is "Looking For A Star," which has the same title as the song Rednex would go on to release that summer.

(It's always really obvious when I've been trying to educate myself/catch up on what I've missed out on, isn't it? And yes, I really am that excited about Melodifestivalen that I've been spending time guessing what songs were in the running for last year's. Sigh. What can I say? I'm addicted.)

(Oh, and I noticed that one of the 2006 rejects was called "Värsta schlagern"--but surely if it had been the "Värsta schlagern" [or even if there was a chance it was] there would have been more talk of that by now? And that was a longer wait to release it than I would have expected--the timeline seems off. Plus, I thought I remembered hearing/reading that Markoolio had turned down the offer to compete in Melodifestivalen with it, and that he sort of regretted it. I could have invented that, though. Same list--of the top 103 songs in 2006--also mentions songs called "Amanda" and "Drop Dead," so I'm completely confused at this point.)


Alexander said...

A lot of those rejected songs are released by now. Yes, "Värsta Schlagern" is THE "Värsta Schlagern".

I Surrender - Sanna Nielsen
Alla Dessa Ord - Maja
Kan Du Se - Linda Bengtzing
Kom Hit - Nanne [99% sure it's the same song]
Nobody Else Like You - Evan [I think Evan said he submitted 2-3 songs]
Peekaboo - Cosmo4
Tid Att Gå Vidare - Barbados [Of course]
Drama Queen - Bimbo Boy

Poster Girl said...

Thanks Alex! :) That's exactly the sort of stuff I was wondering about! It's amazing how many good songs don't make the cut--just shows the level of competition.

I was thinking "All In The Game" was maybe the song Fame ended up releasing?