Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not a clue where I'm going, but going all out for you

I've been meaning to mention this for aaages now, but I only ever seemed to remember when I was away from a computer or otherwise unable to post: Danish singer Bryan Rice has a new single out. It's called "Good News" and is the second single and title track from his upcoming second album, which is coming out October 8. You can listen to part of it at his MySpace. I could be completely wrong on this, but I get the impression "I Lied" didn't take off like they wanted it to, so I'm worried for him. Fingers crossed, though--I know to some people his style of music would seem dull, but there's something about him that seems really endearing and I generally enjoy his music.

In case you've missed my earlier posts on Bryan or not heard of him before: backing singer and demo recorder turned national star when "No Promises," his song for Danish Bridget Jones film Nynne, took off. He had several other hits as well and even found some success outside of Denmark, though many of the songs on his album appeared/would go on to appear (usually the latter) on other artists' albums; most famously, Shayne Ward would cover (and in my eyes, improve on [because of the arrangement and production, not singing], though there's a remix of Bryan's version that I love at least as much as Shayne's version) "No Promises," and you might have heard Erik Segerstedt's cover of "Can't Say I'm Sorry."

My tentative Bryan "best of," based just on first album stuff: "Homeless Heart" (call me mushy or girly, but I love this ballad), "No Promises" (get the Weekend Wonderz mix), "In Your Room," "Confessional," and maybe throw in "Not Enough," "The Last Two On Earth," and "Can't Say I'm Sorry" too.

Actually...hmm, I've never posted "Confessional" before, have I? I may have to do that tomorrow!


Paul said...

hey take heart - at least if it doesn't work out with this single, it will probably be recorded by someone else and be a hit all over the world. PS he has the least popstar name since David Sneddon

Adem IAR said...

Slight change of topic, but I found some Anthony Callea stuff lying around the house the other day that I vaguely remember promising to send to you. I'll get onto that soon.

Great post by the way, you have no idea how much I ADORE the Weekend Wonderz Mix of "No Promises."

J'ason D'luv said...

Bryan's like a low-rent Daniel Bedingfield, lookswise...which in and of itself is already pretty tragic. But he's still got bounce mouth. Let your imagination run wild with that one, doll....

Poster Girl said...

Sigh. Probably, Paul. There's a quotation from him that I really love that makes me sort of sad about the Shayne thing, though I'm glad we got his version because I prefer it.

No hurry, Adem! Don't worry--whenever you get around to it is fine :)

J'ason, it's nice to know I can count on you and Paul for nice new expressions!