Tuesday, September 25, 2007

May not know a thing about you, you don't know a thing about me

Given that I'm writing about Jennifer Brown, I do feel maybe a bit bad by not posting, say, "Tuesday Afternoon," which has a more distinctive sound and maybe gives a better sense of creativity. Really, though, I can't help featuring the song I am--some songs are just so comforting and sweet you can't help but love them (though "Tuesday Afternoon" is great as well!). Stepping back for a second, Jennifer is Swedish. She's released four albums so far; from what I understand, though I haven't heard the first two, she changed her style somewhat after the first two--I think she got a little less soul and a little more pop (though I don't think that "pop" really sums up Vera--I mean, it is, but that doesn't really capture what it sounds like). The song I'm posting today is from Vera, her third album, but I'd also (or instead) recommend looking into her fourth album, Home. (She did take a while to release Home, but surely we've got to be due for another album sort of soon, maybe in the next year or so? It's been four years, I think.)

Alive--this is one of those songs that just makes me want to sigh and say "lovely." Sweet, simple, and uplifting, I'd say it's also one of Jennifer's more straightforwardly pop songs.

To buy Jennifer Brown's third album Vera, go here (physical; it's going for only a little over a dollar on Amazon Marketplace) or here (digital).

YouTube also has the video for "Tuesday Afternoon," which you can watch/listen to below.

Next up: maybe another Swedish singer with a distinctive voice. Probably a cover coming out of Norway, though.

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