Monday, September 17, 2007

If I'm telling the truth tonight, I'm looking for a way of saying goodbye

Super quick post today as I'm attempting to finish something I probably should have started earlier (yay for procrastination! Or not). As promised, Bryan Rice today, and just check a few posts below this for information on him.

I mentioned yesterday that there was something endearing about Bryan, and I've said before that I love his backstory--well, it's stuff like this (which yes, I know, has been filtered through the publicity machine) that makes me feel that way (remember, he used to be a backing and demo singer before making it big):

Bryan had recorded the song ["No Promises"] as a demo for the songwriters, Jonas Schroder and Lucas Sieber and, in fact, "No Promises" had been earmarked by several bigname pop artists who know that Denmark and Sweden's songwriters have pop hitmaking capabilities of epic proportions. Says Bryan: "I was given a copy of the song and I loved it. Of course, I couldn't help dreaming that it could be mine, never for a minute thinking that was possible. Then, about a year and a half after we recorded 'No Promises,' I got a call from the songwriters saying that the song was going to be on the soundtrack for Nynne and I said 'oh that's great, who's going to sing it?' They said it was my version but I was very skeptical because you know, there are big promises in the music business and I really didn't take it seriously. Then I heard it on the radio and I was like, 'OK, now it's beginning.'"

Which sort of makes me sad that Shayne would go on to have the bigger international hit with it...even if, unremixed, I prefer Shayne's version.

The song I'm posting today is his debut album's title track and the first song on it. Apparently it was "on hold" for Britney Spears, but Bryan got to release it. I'm sure there are loads of tracks you could say were "meant for Britney Spears," but ever since hearing that, I've been unable to listen to this mid-tempo, slightly mysterious-sounding (in a very mainstream way, if that makes sense) track without imagining her voice on it, which really isn't that difficult to do, especially if you envision it a little less "raw," a little less "with real instruments" (even if these aren't) sounding. I love how it's actually a breakup song--a title like "Confessional" sets up this idea of intimacy, but it's actually because of that intimacy that the singer feels able to confess that he's (/she's) "looking for a way of saying goodbye." When I actually bother to pay attention to them, there's actually a lot of lyrics in this song that I like.


To buy Bryan Rice's debut album Confessional, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe a Swedish singer or group.


Paul said...

bryan confuses me. in a good way. he is so unassuming looking and seems to be quite modest, yet has this great voice and picks some lovely songs. I fear though that he will end up like Cathy Dennis and be more successful behind the scenes. Which again, isn't a bad thing, she has contributed much good to the world of pop. It's just sad to deny the world their voices.

Poster Girl said...

He does seem really unassuming and modest--maybe you're right. I sort of hope not, but at least he'd still get to be in music.