Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boy, you got me stranded with you

Though the predominant opinion about this past year's American Idol seems to be that it was one of the worst years so far, I really disagree; I can't remember a time the last time I was so content with the top few contestants and I'll be very interested to hear what Blake Lewis comes up with for his debut album A.D.D. (which apparently stands for Audio Day Dream and is listed as coming out November 27). That said, I'm not sure whether it's because Sweden has better singers or better songwriters--both, probably--but Idol contestants from Sweden have much higher odds of releasing a good album or at least an album with some good songs on it. Agnes Carlsson, only nineteen years old, is one of them; in 2005, she won the second season of Idol in Sweden, a season which also included Sebastian Karlsson (the runner-up), Måns Zelmerlöw (fifth place), and Ola Svensson (eighth place), all of whom have released songs I like. Speaking of Måns, he and "Cara Mia" only got to compete in this year's Melodifestivalen because two songs were disqualified; Agnes's "More Than A Girl" was one of them, disqualified when Agnes talked about it to the press, and we still haven't heard it--I hope we get to at some point! I think my two favorite songs by her are "Emotional" from her first album and "Love Is All Around" from her second, but since I was introduced to those songs by Catchy Tunes of Sweden, it wouldn't be right to post them; instead, here's her second single, the first one released after her winner's single "Right Here, Right Now" and which is almost as good as the two songs I just mentioned.

Stranded--for some reason, this song reminds me a little of Whitney Houston, though I've really not listened to that much of her work and don't have much basis for saying that. It's upbeat, catchy, and super-poppy, a song that feels refreshing and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

To buy Agnes's debut album Agnes, go here (physical) or here (digital).

By the way, I mentioned Ola up there briefly--I think I may be slightly obsessed with his new single "S.O.S."--it's great! And I actually get what he was talking about with the '80's comparisons now.

Next up: maybe Belanova. I'll get back to them eventually, really.


Alexander said...

I used to hate "Stranded", I thought "Emotional" was much better but now I love it. To me it sounded like Jessica Simpson, but I'm past that now.

And yeaaaaaaah the new single from Ola is pop brilliance. I've already pre-ordered a signed copy! :D
lol.. I'm like a 14 year old girl!!

Robpop said...

I know your like your discreet covers...but "Right Here, Right Now" was covered by the Dutch Idol Rafaela a year after Agnes.

My fellow DSTPer Mary Cherry refuses to like Agnes for her "popeatspop" cover of Forever Yours (originally by No Angels) while others can't stand her version of What A Feeling.

Clea fans look down on Agnes cos she swiped Kick Back Relax from the girlband (the song saved the career Agnes...)

Oddly enough No Angels have claimed back a certain 'kick back' from Agnes by using I had a Feelin' and I Believe In You from the second album by Agnes (the wonderful LP "Stronger").

Things have all gone quiet on the Agnes front.

(PosterGirl..the soccx album is confirmed...but sadly I dont think its gonna be great)

Robpop said...

I'd like to add 2 things

-I love Agnes (Despite all the critique over her covers)

-I used the term "swiped". Of course Agnes probably has no idea that it was originally going to be a Clea single! Its more to do with "adventurous" song writers!

Robpop said...

1 more thing!


(of Kick Back Relax).

Jump! said...

All the Agnes haters. Sigh... Her first album is one of my faves. She looks like she went to the Kelly Llorena school of beauty for her 2nd album though..she's a bit orange.

I might add she's the only Swedish idol winner Ive enjoyed. Daniel whatshisface and that vampire looking Markus guy scare the hell outta me.

OK, that is all.

Paul said...

i spent an hour researching Agnes this am. It wasn't a complete waste of time, she is rather good, but perhaps not for me. However, SOS single by that other dude is VERY me indeed. And strangely, a google search of Agnes bought up Leann Rimes new single which i hadn't heard but now am somewhat addicted to...

Alexander said...

Agnes is fabulous. She's really sweet and shy, but sooo talanted! She has a different voice, it's a bit unique really. She's working on her new album now too!

And to Robert, Clea's version of "Kick Back Relax" SUCKS. I cringed when I heard it.

Robpop said...

Oooh, Alex........Agnes murdered Clea's version. (There are two Clea versions btw.......the demo and the album version)

Agnes' Love Is All Around was covered by the aussie pop princess Rikki-Lee this year.

Poster Girl said...

I think the only Jessica Simpson songs I know or can remember are "With You" and "Public Affair," both of which I like (I'm pretending her versions of "Angels" and "These Boots Are Made For Walking" don't exist)--I think I'm fine with only knowing those ones, though! About Ola: ha, I may not have ordered a signed copy of the single, but I'm almost going to be embarrassed with "S.O.S." debuts near the top of my charts after, what, two and a half days? And I never do the whole "play songs virtually constantly" thing! So at least we can be ridiculous about it together ;) It's great to hear that Agnes is working on another album!

I can't weigh in on the Clea vs. Agnes version because I haven't heard Clea's version (or at least I don't remember it). But oh, the world of "recycled" songs--it does fascinate me! Too bad about the Soccx album :(

I've not really heard much by Daniel or Markus, though Daniel's song "Run" is good...but yeah, Agnes's debut album is great!

You've heard "S.O.S.," Paul? The BWO album, this--you're so up with Swedish pop! It's brilliant, isn't it? I know I posted a radio rip of "Natalie," but definitely seek out the good quality version if you don't have it because it's great as well! I can't wait for the album.

Alexander said...

Whoops... I meant the album, not the single. :)

Poster Girl said...

Oh! My bad. If Bengans ends up selling a signed copy of the album (I'm guessing you're getting yours from CDON?), I'll probably end up ordering my version from there--with that and the September album and then the BWO album (which I haven't seen anything about signed copies of, but if there are I'll probably end up buying those), I'm going to be broke by the beginning of October.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find a copy of S.O.S.? I've been looking everywhere!

Poster Girl said...

I had someone who was great enough to send me a radio rip--so it's probably up to that person whether or not they want it shared. Paul sounds like he has it, though, just in case it's a no, and I'd imagine his isn't a radio rip--you could ask him, or, if you know how to record audio, I just recently found out that it was featured on P3's (a radio station) Flipp/Flopp show, which you can listen to an archived version of here, and I imagine they play it for that.