Saturday, September 22, 2007

All the world will stop to watch you shine

Australian singer Shannon Noll became famous when he took second to Guy Sebastian on the first season of Australian Idol. Since then, he's gone on to become one of the franchise's more successful singers, molding himself into a pop-rock artist. Apparently he's just recently released his third album, which I've not heard anything from (nor, to be honest, have I looked for anything from it; I've got no idea if I'm missing out on anything). The song I'm posting today was the lead single for his second album, Lift.

Shine--the first time I heard this song, I really thought I'd heard it before, thought maybe it was a cover or something; in reality, it's not and I'm relatively sure I'd never heard it anywhere before--I think it just taps into that "instant familiarity" vein, which, in this case, is a good thing--it's comfortable and reassuring because of that, and really, that's what I'm looking for in an upbeat inspirational half-rocker like this. It's also really really catchy--just about anything that can possibly be turned into a hook is, though, once again, it's not an aggressive sort of catchy, just the sort that gets instantly stuck in your head and has you singing along or, at least, finding the song a good listen. The repetition of words or phrases ("get up get out get out," "c'mon c'mon," "go now go now go now," and "hey now hey now hey now" all come to mind) are definitely examples of hooks, but I think you get the best idea of what I mean when I say that it just throws all the hooks it can at you in the middle section (rising guitar parts, "hey" chant, the whole chorus). Yeah, the lyrics are basic, but if they were anything other, the whole simple upbeat feel of the song would be lost--it wouldn't feel like the great big anthemic singalong song it is otherwise.

To buy Shannon Noll's second album, Lift, go here (physical). I'd also recommend "Lift" and "All I Want Is More" from that album and "Drive" from the first, though I may be missing out on some good songs, since I've never listened to the full first album and haven't listened to the second all the way through in a while.

Next up: maybe a Portuguese group.


Paul said...

portugese eh? I fully expect to read about a flemmish pop folk band then later today :P

I know Shannon! well not in the way you call up and are all hey shannon hows it going? I just know his music. I like it a lot. Do you know PAtrick Nuo? He is quite similar and equally as bon, though somewhat better looking in the face and hair department.

Poster Girl said...

Sigh...I used to be so good about the "next up"s being accurate--back when this blog began, I think they were right 97% of the time. Now--well, they're definitely more likely to be wrong than right ;)

I do know (and like) Patrick! After DSTP wrote about him last winter, I raved about him and "5 Days" over here and then later raved about "Too Late (To Save It With A Lovesong)" after they posted that. Got all three of his albums, too :)

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