Sunday, August 12, 2007

Should I play hard to hold, should I stay, should I go

Czech singer Helena Zetova (probably more properly Helena Zeťová) had one of the biggest hits of 2006 in her native Czech Republic with her debut single. Before that, though, she was part of three person girl group Black Milk, but the group split up after several years and she embarked on a solo career, releasing one album, Ready To Roll, so far. She also competed in this past year's national selection for Eurovision with "Love Me Again," taking fifth. I've not felt compelled to buy Ready To Roll by any stretch yet, but I'll be interested to hear whatever material she ultimately follows it up with in hopes she gets another song of this quality on it.

Impossible (Unstoppable)--another song that won't change the world, doesn't create a new subgenre of pop, but is still good. Coming in at a little under three minutes, it doesn't have time to mess about, so, 31 seconds in, we get the catchy building rhythm of the bridge and by 41 seconds we've hit the chorus, which, though no rock-out thing, has a little punch to it. There's also a random ad libbed "we're unshakable baby" that reminds me of Sahlene's "We're Unbreakable."

Helena Zetova's debut album Ready To Roll is available in the U.S.'s iTunes store, but I'm not sure where else you can buy it.

Next up: a Spanish singer.


Paul said...

i like songs that won't change the world but are sugary confections of sweet goodness. it is my reason for getting up in the morning...

Poster Girl said...

Sometimes it's all you want.