Friday, August 24, 2007

Sé que es amor

I mentioned Belanova's latest single "Baila mi corazón" a while ago, but since it's still getting pretty frequent plays in my iTunes, I figured it'd be something worth mentioning again--and sharing. The Mexican synthpop group's new album, Fantasía Pop, comes out September 11 (September 10 in Mexico) and I'm pretty excited to hear it. From what we've heard--"Baila mi corazón" and two new songs, "Vestida de azul" and "Rockstar" (as far as I know, we haven't heard second single "Toma mi mano" yet), Belanova is just as good as ever and Denisse Guerrero still has one of the most adorable (and best, from a "what it sounds like" perspective) voices in pop music.

Baila mi corazón--"Baila mi corazón" doesn't quite live up to the level of complete pop perfection established by "Niño," but not much does, and I think I prefer it to "Rosa pastel," even if it seems simpler and more innocent (though there's still a certain sophistication as well, probably coming from the production)--that may even be why I prefer it. The song is practically a cuteness overload, but it never seems truly sugary or saccharine, if that makes sense--it's a very glossy sort of cuteness. It's a song about being completely, entirely, head-over-your-heels in love, and boy, does it sound like it.

To preorder Belanova's third album Fantasía Pop, go here (physical) or here (digital). Forget Kenny Chesney, 50 Cent, and Kanye West--Fantasía Pop is what you should be buying September 11. In the meantime, get Dulce Beat--it has some absolutely divine pop gems (in addition to "Niño," listen out for "Por tí"...though really, most of the album is great).

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