Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let's wake up the neighbors, dancing on chairs and tables

OK, while I'm being music dorky, I might as well go all the way and say that I'm currently really enjoying this site--I have a bunch to catch up on in regards to songwriters, producers, and song history, and, though I'm sure each publishing company has its own site, this is the one I'm working my way through at the moment.

If you read the news on the songwriters, you'll pick up interesting news bits (some names of people working on Sofia Berntson's album [Dimitri Stassos, who discovered her, and Jason Gill are working on it, though what's up now--post-Melodifestivalen--I have no idea], the fact that the same people who did Gerard's "Work It (Everybody)" have also come up with what sounds like might be another single or at least will be released somehow, "Addicted") and the music player in the bottom right hand corner will clue you in to some of the songs they've done, sometimes already released, sometimes not, and sometimes--and maybe the most interestingly (since we don't know who, if anyone, will end up doing the unreleased ones [there are some--if they aren't yet released--that I hope someone records; Thomas Ahlstrund, Richard Anderson, and Peter Malmrup's "Won't Be Back" is a cute poppy song and I wouldn't mind hearing Niklas Gårfeldt, Nilas Hillbom, and Tomas Jansson's "Unreal" on a girl group album at all, if it's not already been recorded)--demos of songs already released, like Ola's "Cops Come Knocking," Hadise's "Bad Boy," No Angel's "Someday," Soccx's "From Dusk Till Dawn," Gerard's "Work It" (entirely in English), and Alcazar's "Not A Sinner Nor A Saint" (slowed down and just with a female singer), although some of these could just have been released earlier by someone else that I don't know about and it's the original singer you're hearing.


Robpop said...



There is the Romeo by Clea!!!

Ok i need to more exploration!!!

Robpop said...

Oh and theres another version of a Clea track!!!! PHYSICAL!!!

Robpop said...

oh and theres the demo version of the anthem (later by NG3!).

J'ason D'luv said...

Clea added me as a MySpace friend today, the silly broads.

Poster Girl said...

Yay, Robpop! I'm so glad you like it--and that you were able to identify more songs! And that I'm not crazy for liking this stuff ;)

Clearly trying to win over the Chart Rigger demographic before their comeback--the question is, will it work?