Saturday, August 11, 2007

If you take me away, all the pain will change into a memory of when we were amazing

This is today's song.

I am speechless.

If you like music at all, buy this album when it comes out.


Suki said...

Thanks. What a fabulous track.

My order is already in for this album. I am very, very excited to hear it. From the tracks I have heard so far, its going to be amazing. I am currently completely addicted to the demo 'God is in the Room' that he had as part of download package via his web site.

Paul said...

Firstly, ooo i didn't know so many acts had covered Darin's song. I can't stop singing Insanity at the moment. It's like a male Beware of The Dog.

Secondly, Casey is a work of art. The album is very good. There are a couple of songs I could cut, but not enough to make the single cd i thought i could. Which is good news. Sadly Darren's single has gone from ten in the charts at the beginning of the week to 18 yesterday. I was expecting a more Robyn like appearance. Much like the dad in Dirty Dancing "when i'm wrong, i say i'm wrong" Who would've thought this could be amazing?

Alexander said...

Wow! It really reminds of Savage Garden, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

*suggestion*I think you're gonna like Tamta - apapise me

Poster Girl said...

I think you'll love it. I was planning to wait, but then I couldn't take it--and wow :)

"Insanity" is great! And that's quite a drop :( And I even bought two of them! (One from 7Digital and then one from his website to get the two extra tracks)

I think I know what you mean! I love that he's taken the sort of electro-ness of The Tension and The Spark and restored some of the more...upbeat, for lack of a better word (and that's really not the right one), feel you'd get with some Savage Garden songs. And it's epic.

You're right! It's great! Oooo...