Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everyone could hear our illusion crash

My second "Oh, this is lovely, go listen to it on MySpace" post in one day, but oh well...

Taken straight from PubliSpain (I'm mentioning that site a lot lately, aren't I? Well, that's because it's ace!): Norwegian singer Maria Arredondo's new single "Brief and Beautiful."

(Listen to it on her MySpace)

I actually probably wouldn't have paid attention to it if she hadn't already been featured on Thnairg's World Of Music, so credit where credit's due.

"Brief and Beautiful" is one of those songs that shows the fuzziness of the music industry in regards to that whole passing around songs thing. Maria's version came out just a few days ago and is in English, as I imagine the original was, given that it was writen by Hanne Sorvaag and Harry Sommerdahl (who are Swedish, but I think they usually write songs in English). However, a few months ago, Spanish singer Edurne--featured on Don't Stop The Pop (thanks for that, Robpop! "No mirar atrás" is great--that chorus is so difficult to get out of your head)--released her album Ilusión, which includes the song "Fue para los dos," a Spanish version of the same song. I've read that all the songs on Ilusión are Spanish language adaptations of other songs--not that they've all been previously released (though some have been; "Lo que sientes" is Bellefire's "Perfect Bliss" and "Algo cambió" is Mynt's "Still Not Sorry," and if anyone recognizes any of the others, I'd love to know about it!), but they were originally written in English. If you check out the album in the Spanish iTunes store, you'll even see English language titles in parentheses next to the Spanish titles (the lone exception is "Ven por mi," but that's a cover of Sita's "Come With Me"). Given this, it wouldn't be surprising to see the English versions cropping up on other artists' albums in the future.

In the end, I'm not sure whether all this says more about the talents of songwriters or why producers matter or the importance of how singers themselves interpret the song--maybe a bit of all that. One thing's definite, though: it makes me with Pop Eats Pop was back.

"Brief and Beautiful" is available on the Norwegian iTunes store.


Anonymous said...

Oh I like her first two albums.
Didn't know she had a new song out.

Beautiful as always!

moai13 said...

Brief and beautiful is a ... beutiful song ! do you put on line here ?

Poster Girl said...

It is beautiful! And I love the line where she says something like "Like every good thing, it's not yours to keep." She's got such a lovely voice.

I don't have a good quality version of it, or else I'd post it :( I could post a MySpace rip, but it'd be poor quality--let me know if you'd like that. If I do get it, though, I'll share it for a little bit!