Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'Cause when you're out of reach and out of sight, I want you on my mind

Speaking of album updates I've been remiss in mentioning: September's new album now has a more specific release date (September 26), a title (Dancing Shoes), and a tracklist (all this information courtesy of Popjustice, but you can also see it on CDOn). Apparently it shows a "more experimental side" (though that could mean anything, really), though its dance side is still obvious.

1.) Candy Love
2.) Until I Die
3.) My Neighbourhood
4.) Can't Get Over
5.) Because I Love You
6.) Taboo
7.) Follow Me
8.) R.I.P.
9.) Start It Up
10.) Just An Illusion
11.) Sad Song
12.) Freaking Out


Michaell said...

she'll be taking part in Sopot Festival on Saturday in Poland with ' Cry For You '- she stand a chance of winning since ' Cry For You ' is on every radiostation

Poster Girl said...

Really? That would be fantastic! And it's a great song--I still wish it would've taken off outside dance radio here in the U.S., but I knew it was a stretch.

Adem IAR said...

I love the chorus in "Can't Get Over." Sounds like a can of fizzy-drink being opened.

Michaell said...

Yeah but there's no way September gonna win since my goddess Sophie Eliss - Bextor is also one of the contestants with ' Me and my imagination ' and I'm so going to send 10000 sms's to support Sophie ;D

Poster Girl said...

It's funny you say that, Adem--one month ago I loved the verses to to "Can't Get Over" but thought the chorus was a letdown. And then one day--I just started loving it! I'm really excited for the album. Love the comparison, too.

This must be a pretty amazing song contest if it's got Sophie and September in it!

Michaell said...

add Monrose with 'Shame' and could it get any better?

Anonymous said...

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