Saturday, July 28, 2007

We got that "you hang up," "no you hang up" kinda love

Some mini-news flashes:

Blake Lewis is, according to Chris Richardson, "doing his [Blake's] ’80s pop" for his upcoming album (Chris has apparently done some writing with him). Sounds potentially promising--the '80's pop-inspired part, I mean.

Swedish singer Peter Jöback has a new single out called "Stockholm i natt." I've known about it for a few days, but I think, given that it's a ballad in Swedish, it just doesn't quite connect with me, or maybe it'll take some time to grow (Sonja Aldén's Melodifestivalen entry had to). However, for my money, if you want a song with "i natt" in the title, you're better off with Niclas Wahlgren's "I Natt (Part Two)." Yes, it is more older person/MOR sounding, but I really like it. More upbeat than "Stockholm i natt," too.

Month old news at this point, but Danish singer Natasja sadly passed away in a car accident in Jamaica. I've never been too fond of her music--it's dancehall sort of stuff--but she was very close friends with Karen Mukupa (they were in a duo together in the '90's), whose work I do enjoy and have featured before. Mukupa was in the car with her, but is, as far as I know, fine. My condolences go out to Natasja's family and friends.

Shayne Ward mania is taking me over. I love "If That's OK With You" and, in search of any of his new material (because, let's face it, you can only listen to "No Promises" and "Next To Me" so many times; his debut album didn't exactly give you countless listening options), I've been listening to a live performance of another of his new songs "You Hang Up."

It sounds different than I would have expected given the Digital Spy review of the album sampler (it's surely the mentioned "track 4"), but I really like it. And I love that quoted lyric--I could walk around "singing" it all day. And speaking of Shayne, go read the hilarious banterview about him over at Chart Rigger.


Paul said...

woo hoo a bit of blake news. how exciting. he could very well be america's shayney ward. and i too am constantly excited for shayne ward, er 's album :)

J'ason D'luv said...

So true, that "No Promises" is the only good one off his first album. "That's My Goal" sucked it.

Poster Girl said...

Ha, Paul! But yeah, I'm interested to hear more. Apparently Jordin is trying to get her album out before Thanksgiving, so maybe we can expect Blake's a little after that? Just a guess. But feel free to share Shayne with us! ;)

I think "No Promises" is genuinely underrated by most (though not all) people--I'd say Shayne's version of it was one of last year's best songs--but I seriously don't know what his managers were thinking with that album. I mean, the least interesting and least good road he could possibly have gone down!