Friday, July 27, 2007

Vil tiden lege mine sår, nå...

I really was going to write about Páll Óskar today, but I was distracted while hopping around looking at compilation album tracks. Several recent (as in, from summer 2007) Swedish compilation albums include a version of Norwegian singer Dina's 2003 hit "Bli hos meg," which really surprised me--I mean, it was a big hit in Norway, but that was four years ago--strange time for a resurrection, you would think. Whatever the reason for the revival, though, that probably makes now a decent time to share another of Dina's songs. As for Dina herself, her real name is Caroline Dina Kongerud and, in addition to her singing career, she's (understandably) spent time as a beauty pageant entrant, though I think she's focusing on music and college/university now. Not exactly uniquely but definitely uncommonly for someone who specializes in dance-trance-pop, she actually sings in her native language, Norwegian, as opposed to English (well, she used to, at least; her new version of "Bli hos meg" exists as "Bli hos mig" and "Say Goodbye").

Hater å elske deg--I think this title translates to "Hating and loving you," or something roughly along those lines. Possibly more important than what the lyrics actually translate to (although that sort of conflicted love would be very fitting with trance, if that is the right translation), is how catchy this song is. A lot of that does come from the trance music backing her up, but Dina, though not exactly bearing the sort of voice that causes you to instantly think "oh, that's her!," does have more personality and strength in her delivery than I think she's given credit for. Let's face it: you're probably not coming to trancey dance music in a foreign language for deep emotional truths, but Dina somehow manages to make what she's singing sound meaningful while still not distracting from the basic catchiness of the music--just meaningful enough to give it that little added punch and keep it in your brain.

I'm not actually sure where you can buy Dina's debut album Dina, unless you have access to iTunes Norway, but hopefully her releasing material in Sweden (even if it flops) will lead to either a new album or her debut album becoming easier to get ahold of. As far as I know, the last truly new material she released was in 2005 (not even a full album then), so we should be due for something new...fingers crossed.

Next up: probably that Icelandic singer.


Tommy said...

"Hater å elske deg" means "hate to love you" in english.

Poster Girl said...

Ah, fantastic--thanks so much! I wish I could speak Norwegian...and Danish...and Swedish...and Finnish...and--well, really, I could go on! ;)