Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is there anyone too blind to open their eyes?

A Busted update (a.k.a. news I've been meaning to mention for a while that happens to all relate to the former members of one of the greatest music groups ever):

Matt Willis has been dropped/he and his label "both felt we had reached a point where we could no longer move forwards." Given that Matt released some of the best music of last year ("Up All Night") and this year (his cover of "Crash," which I've now upgraded to the definitive version), I'm pretty sad about this :(

A message on their MySpace page made it seem like Son of Dork, James Bourne's current band, were breaking up. Quote from one member, Dave:

"Im writing this blog to inform y'all that Son Of Dork are no more."

In response, James, who claims the group is still together but now without Dave, set up a new MySpace (ooo, you know it's serious!) and left the message that "SOD have NOT split up, Dave had left the band as off yesterday."

Back over on the original Son Of Dork MySpace, Dave left a message that said, among other things, the following:

Ive always told you guys the truth and have continuously left blogs explaining the position the band are in, and must say I find it quite funny that all of a sudden I'm the bad guy for telling the truth. I left a post saying the band had split because of the following reasons, but below is all im saying and will say on the matter, so make of it what you will.

If Son Of Dork are still going then good luck to them, i honestly wish them all the best. Last time i checked though, we/they havent practiced for nearly 5 months, havent spoken to each other properly in about the same time and have absolutely nothing scheduled as far as future plans go. I dont know about you other musicians out there, but i wouldnt consider that a band.

Also, ask yourself the following things:

1. Who cancelled the tour you were promised behind their bands' back?

2. Who cancelled the headlining show at the Xuberance festival behind their bands' back?

3. Who promised you a second album but was so busy spending time in other countries that nothing ever came of it?

Everyones entitled to their opinion, and i don't blame you guys for taking your angers and frustrations out on me, hell i've been just as angry and frustrated. But if you wish to follow your false hero blindly then thats your journey, i just hope it takes you somewhere better than it did me. I'm sorry for sounding personal and a little bitter but i just wished to clear that up the best i could.

Whatever's going on, now is a good a time as any to mention that, in addition to having two great singles and a pretty decent album, Son of Dork's song for the movie Alien Autopsy, "We're Not Alone" (from last year) is absolutely fantastic--everyone should go listen to it right now, because pop with strong guitars doesn't get much better than it (random fan video with the song's audio here).

So, on to Charlie: what's the only member of Busted doing music I have no interest in doing at the moment, while the other two with music I actually like crash and burn? Well, releasing his band Fightstar's album in the U.S., of course. Though I don't expect them to do anything in the mainstream over here, I even heard one of their songs on the radio :-/

(P.S. Apologies for any similarities between this post and Chart Rigger's style--I couldn't think of another way to get across the back-and-forth nature of the Son of Dork thing without quotations.)


Adem IAR said...

I'm glad you're blogging about this because now it means I'm not the only person who enjoyed a bit of SOD action.

It's interesting to see the bad light James is observed under (again?) with another band. I was actually listening to "We're Not Alone" (compliments to you on thinking it's ace because it really, really is) last week and wondering whether that promised 2nd album would ever arrive.

There are so many heated discussions and comments going on in the comments fields of all the myspazz blog posts, fans are upset with dave, others upset with james. It's very, very ugly.

Really disappointed Matt's been dropped, though I cannot say I'm surprised.

Funny Fightstar story: They played in Melbourne last year and I managed to score a couple of tickets, so went along, stood up the front wearing my Busted t-shirt. Surprisingly, Charlie actually laughed and waved at me. I was actually expecting a more negative reaction, not that I'm complaining of course.

Pity his music's really dire, he was my favourite Busted boy.

Paul said...

First off - Ainslee. What a waste. That single was the quirkiest most adorable thing to hit the airwaves in quite a while. Just quite unique and strangely marvelous like the egg nog cappucinos at christmas Starbucks...

Secondly, poor Matt. But ooo i love a bit of bitching from the SOD boys. Marv. Never really followed Fightstar and strangely Busted who i only ever liked ok, have long since been replaced to much higher levels in my affections by McFly...

Poster Girl said...

I can't say I'm surprised about Matt, either--I'm more surprise he even released "Crash." And about Charlie: really? That's neat! I'd love to love his music and I respect that he's making it, but it's not my thing. At all. I meant to mention Dave saying he was taking over the SOD MySpace for his new band, but forgot--it's just all so confusing and heated right now.

Love the analogy, Paul! And poor Matt :(