Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I don't wanna waste another day, I don't wanna throw it all away

I keep meaning to buy Charlotte Perrelli's (formerly Charlotte Nilsson) albums Charlotte, Miss Jealousy and Gone Too Long (I Din Röst isn't on that list mainly because I know virtually nothing about it or its music) but I've somehow never gotten around to it; I'm not sure why, as they sound like they're full of great pop. Charlotte is Swedish and the most recent Swedish artist to win Eurovision, back in 1999, when she beat out Selma's "All Out Of Luck" with "Take Me To Your Heaven." Among other things, she did some commentary on this year's Eurovision entrants along with people from the Nordic (Scandivanian?) countries this year. Her latest single, "Som Du" (you can watch her singing it here) had me thinking about the few songs by her I do have but, in typical me fashion, the song is, unlike "Som Du," not a ballad.

Million Miles Away--this uptempo song, perhaps unsurprisingly for something for a Swedish artist, has a great catchy chorus. I always get fuzzy with genres, so I could be totally wrong on this, but I sort of see it as being in between pop and schlager; though I'd put the emphasis on the "pop" part of the equation, I think you can hear influence by schlager or maybe just another sort of music. Whatever you want to call it, it's great--arguably "by the numbers," but when said supposed numbers yield such enjoyable results, that can't possibly be a complaint.

To buy Charlotte Perrelli's 2004 album, Gone Too Long, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe another Swedish singer.


Jamie said...

'I Din Röst' is as far away from Charlotte's schlager roots as you could get although there are some true gems on it inlcuding a great swedish cover of the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby'. I think the album is mostly made up of covers of songs by swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund who was tragically killed in a house fire.

Paul said...

i do really like Charlotte Nilsson. She has some great power pop disco songs and i randomly check out her tunes, but nothing tops Take Me To Your Heaven which is amazing!

Kevin said...

I'd like to hunt Charlotte Nilsson down and ask the bitch for my money back. I bought the very $$$$ Japanese edition of her debut album, and it's the biggest pile I've ever heard in my life.

You see, Charlotte sees herself as the rock chick kind. The "Take Me To Your Heaven" version included on the album is an entire new production, and therefore, it sucks.

Most Swedish artists do not want to be associated with an schlager tag, and usually try to ditch it immediately. Save your money kids! (I think she sort of went back to schlager when she changed surnames and her debut album bombed).

PG, Tommy Boy has licensed Inez for the US. Not sure if for a single or the full album though. They are currently promoting the single "Stronger" with new American mixes.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, really? Thanks, Jamie--I had no idea!

"Take Me To Your Heaven" is great! So perfect for singing along with.

Speaking of Charlotte's album, maybe you know, Kevin: I've seen, in addition to the Charlotte album, a Charlotte/Wizex album with almost all the songs in Swedish--was that released by Wizex separately but about the same time as Charlotte released her debut solo album? And, re: Inez--I didn't know that! I did see her album on U.S. iTunes, though, and I'm thinking about picking it up. Good luck to her!

Alexander said...

@ Kevin
Why did you fucking buy an expensive CD if you haven't heard it????
You're the bitch here.

Tommy said...

Her album "Gone too long" is actually one of the best pop albums i have heard in a long time. Almost all the songs are good to great. No classics but a very high standard. It really surpised me. Try out the song "Closer" for starters. Haven't heard her other albums.

Poster Girl said...

It'll get bumped up on my "to get" list, then! Sounds like a great buy and a great listen.

Alexander said...

You should try all her albums, girl! They are all fabulous, even the first one... which is guitarish and full of poppy and catchy melodies.

Poster Girl said...

All right--off to check eBay, then! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like Charlotte! I heard a lot of her songs and "million miles away" is my favorite, but I can't find the lyrics anywhere :S can you help please??????