Friday, June 22, 2007

To make me feel better

Do you know who is on TV right this very moment?

Without aid of a DVD or anything?


Excuse me while I have a heart attack.

Of course, why any channel would choose to run Just My Luck on TV after its less than wonderful initial run, I'm not sure, but since I've never seen it, I think I'll have to watch the last few minutes now.


Paul said...

i like just my luck. it's brilliantly rubbish. unlike from justin to kelly which was just rubbish. PS - good songs below, but does that russian lad have a mullet?! Sigh, back to McFly, it's so adorable when harry falls down a hole (insert joke here)!

Poster Girl said...

I missed most of it, but I did get to see Harry down in the hole! I really should see the whole thing some time, but I never feel like I can justify shelling out money for it. Oh, and yes!

Adem IAR said...

You know, I went and saw JML four times at the movies... I paid full price and all. I even wore my McFly baseball cap and a badge on my backpack. It was so Adem-Spiceworld-movie-launch-week circa-1990's that it was almost sad. I won't get into how many times I saw Spiceworld at the cinemas though, it's what you'd probably call beyond extreme.

The first time I saw JML, I sat there and actually squeeled when McFly appeared in their first scene. My friends burst out laughing as I sat there stomping my feet up and down in absolute excitement. I remember not being able to sleep the night before (!) it was opening here in Oz because I was so excited. I can't begin to think how the night before would be for me where I to ever see them live.

It wasn't until the 3rd time watching that I noticed Lindsay's alarming ageing as the minutes roll by in the movie. Or how rubbish it really was.

Kevin said...

The movie, just like McFly, is just plain rubbish.

The only saving grace is Carlos Ponce, and the precious few minutes he is in.

Poster Girl said...

Adem, I was addicted to Spiceworld. So many memories... And I would have seen Just My Luck the day it came out, if it had actually been playing in a theater near me. But, of course, it wasn't. I'm glad there was someone out there doing all the crazy fan stuff I couldn't do!

Kevin, woah. I remembered the name Carlos Ponce from the blog Poptastic, so I vaguely was aware of him as a singer and what he looked like during that time--but woah (again). I don't think I saw him in Just My Luck (or maybe just didn't notice...wait--maybe I saw him for a few seconds), but I totally remember him from 7th Heaven (look, my family watched it, I swear we're not crazy, we just have maybe an unhealthy taste for cheesiness and bad acting)! Never made the connection before now.