Monday, June 18, 2007

Somewhere there's a dancefloor and the music that goes all night

I don't know much about American singer Brendan Velasquez. I guess you could say he's a "MySpace artist" and I'm vowing not to get too attached to any of those--groups break up, songs disappear, quality's not always a guarantee (does someone have more than one good song in them?)--but, if we can ignore thoughts of the future and really just context generally, the following song is pretty good. Theoretically, there's an album coming out this summer, but who knows with anything--even JC Chasez is having trouble getting another album out there.

Anxious--boy-sung kind of electro-pop. The chorus is pretty catchy--really, most of the song is. [Edit: previously a long tangent, which basically sums up to 1.) Simon Curtis's music is excellent, but 2.) this isn't Simon Curtis.] Anyhow, after that extended tangent, back to the song: it's pop, it's mid mid-tempo, it's catchy in this sort of laid-back but dark way (the title is "Anxious," and the song fits that--it feels on edge), and it's good. Very good.

To buy Brendan Velasquez's song "Anxious" as well as several others, go to his MySpace.

Given that this is an artist on an indie label, the song will only be available for a few days.

Next up: maybe a Spanish singer.


Paul said...

ooooo boy electro pop is my fave thing right now.

anything simon curtis is my fave thing right now (and for ages, right?!)

myspace is a heartbreaker, bobbypops and i were talking the other day about the false expectations it brings. The spice girls were around for two years before anyone had even heard of them and that wouldn't have happened if myspace had been around...

i'm waffling on a bit...

Poster Girl said...

It really is (MySpace, that is)! You get attached, then nothing happens--I know theoretically you should never turn your back on a group just because things are going slow, but sometimes I wonder if it's better that songs just spring from nowhere and surprise us. That's not really what I mean, but I can't think of the right words right now :) Luckily, Simon's stuff doesn't get old (well, if five years pass and nothing happens, then it might! ;) )