Saturday, June 16, 2007

She's who I wanna be

Swedish singer Denise Lopez, or DeDe, first became famous back in the 1990's, working with people like Max Martin. Like many Swedish singers, she's also entered Melodifestivalen, but her song "Someone, Somewhere, Someday" only took seventh in her semifinal. She released an album that same year, 2003, which I think was basically a repackaging of an album she'd released in Japan the previous year; the album included two unreleased Dannii Minogue songs, which you can read more about here. Now, she's back again with an album due out August 22 and a lead single currently sent out to radios.

B.I.T.C.H.--her MySpace is trying to pass this off as standing for "Being In Total Control Of Herself," but let's ignore that--this is a song that demands a little attitude, and DeDe delivers, though in a restrained way. I love the little string touches. Spelling in songs has never been quite my "thing" as much as it is for some people, but it's fun and used to good effect here. The backing vocal-ish singing is nice as well, a little ominous especially during the first verse, though the chorus forsakes some of that ominousness to go for--well, it's not a blow-out chorus, but it's more straightforward. That's a good thing, though.

To buy DeDe's song "B.I.T.C.H.," go to her MySpace (digital).

Since this song is a new single of an artist and I'm not sure what it's level of success will be (I'm hoping it does well and I don't want to in any way hurt it), it will be posted for only a few days.

(By the way, though it's not how I discovered the song, I should note that this song was written about weeks ago over on the great Cheiron Songwriters Forum.)

Next up: an American singer.


Trash Addict said...

Anyone who specialises in Dannii Minogue rejects is ok by me! I've liked everything I've heard by Denise so far and BITCH is no exception. She has a slightly trashy edge that a lot of dull Swedish pop divas are missing!

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...
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Paul said...

um, indeed. i really like this song, though it does seem a bit "rich girl trying to be tough". Which then reminded me of Paris Hilton in jail, so of course i then got the warm fuzzies. Oh and US5? I'm sketchy on them, but i do like the song, though there is no point sampling Wild Boys when Phixx did an ace cover of it not so long back :)

Kevin said...

"A big thanks to Blogland's most infamous Dannii hater, Robpop, for sending me the tracks. We all know he has a secret Dannii shrine hidden away behind his sling and harness!"

Bwahahahaha. I keep telling that big hater to stop hating on Dannii, or I'll have to come to Great Britain to bitch-slap him personally. Quit drinking Hateorade, Bobby! :P

When you are obsessed with girl groups like CLEA, you have no business hating on Dannii. Ha ha. J/K!

Poster Girl said...

I knew I had to reference Dannii and your site when I was writing about her! I'm glad you like the song :)

Put Duran Duran on my list of groups to catch up with eventually, then--I didn't even know their was a sample!

Oh, how I love Pop Trash Addicts and its spin-off blog--the sort of writing you just don't get anywhere else. And I'm staying out of any musical taste fights--anyone who just wrote about US5 probably has no right to speak ;)