Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey DJ, I know the song you're gonna play

I don't know that much about Texas Girls beyond the fact that they're French based (I should really try to learn some French some day). Made up of four girls, the group has released one single so far, and I think they have/are going to have a TV show about them, which is not usually a sign of a promising long-term career. Today's song is on the trashy side, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Dallas, It's My Life--I think this song is based off of the theme to the TV series Dallas--I'm not sure, since I've never seen it. It's dance-pop, it's fluffy, it's silly, the chorus isn't particularly hard-hitting, and in all likelihood it has no lasting value, but it's fun. Try to make it past those awkward opening seconds with their horribly kitschy "ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Texas girls!"...though, to be honest, the kitsch doesn't end there--we even get "yeehaw"'s interspersed throughout the song. It's still fun, though, in a far from serious and far from sophisticated way. By the way, the video appears to have had a budget of about, oh, zero dollars--everyone complaining about Girls Aloud videos: at least half the time isn't spent watching still photo montages. This is the original edit of the song; from the sounds of it, the pop edit doesn't sound very good at all.

To buy Texas Girls' debut single "Dallas It's My Life," go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe something Swedish.


Paul said...

oh my. that's truly hideous. it reminds me of when phoebe trys salt water taffy for the first time on Friends and says "what the hell is this crap? Is it candy is it gum?" and then wants another one!! haha. I listened to this and thought oh no! how awful. But had to listen to it again straight after hahahahaha. In other news your post below this one was very very good.

Kevin said...

You've never seen Dallas?!?! I've never felt so old.

OT, Ola's label has just services a promo of "Natalie" with two dance mixes. The commercial CD single was a one-track affair. Honestly, talk about record company's cluelessness! (Is that a word? It is now). There's no excuse for 1-track physical singles on this day and age.

Poster Girl said...

I know, Paul! Summer must be frying my brain--you should hear/see this Norwegian song I've been listening to--truly ridiculous.

Thanks for the info! I thought that was really strange, as you say, for a physical single. Do you know who's doing the remixes?

Kevin said...

Darn, I wish you could edit your comments! That should've read "...has just SERVICED...".

PG, actually it's not strange at all... in Sweden! Sadly, it happens all the time. Just look at "The Worrying Kind", and Therese's "Feelin' Me". Tons of remixes for the song, and Parlophone only issues a 2-track CD single, with a different song as the B-side (in other words, the UK CD Single).

The Ola promo:
1. Radio Version 03.10
2. Stockholm - Uppsala Remix Radio 03.25
3. Stockholm - Uppsala Remix Extended 06.41

I prefer ToNi's original and remixes.

Another OT... I thought you might like to know. The Dummies have officially remixed Kike's second single, "Tired Of Being Sorry". Of course The Dummies also remixed the original version of the song, as performed by Ringside. All Interscope needs to do now is just get Photek to remix it as well, and we shall all be set. :P

Michaell said...

my grandma watched dallas when i was like 8 i remember she always was like : ' no you can't go out , let's watch some dallas ' still the girls are great ;D

Poster Girl said...

I so need to catch up! Some channel's got to be rerunning it somewhere...

Viagra Online said...

The most annoying piece of crap I ever heard, I prefer other Swedish pop bands instead.