Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy days and "Disco Inferno" on the radio

June 11 marks the release of this year's Disco Estrella. I know to most people in Spain it's one of those "I've heard all this before"/"couldn't they come up with a better tracklist?" compilation albums (in this case, of potential summer hits of the danceable pop and dance sort), but, not living in Spain, it's something I look forward to--if you don't live in a country, compilation albums move beyond collections of overplayed songs to introductions to new artists. If you bought last year's, for example, back in June you would have been introduced to Lucky Twice, the poppy Swedish duo whose debut song "Lucky" went double platinum in Spain; Rebeca, who would go on to write the song that won Spain's Eurovision national final and whose own song "Que no daría yo" is great as well; and David Tavare's "Summerlove," which may have been a cover but was a very good one. It also featured September and Akcent among lots of other great artists (or at least great songs). There are a lot of songs to sort through, but I'd bet there will be some gems this year, too--we already know it contains the following song from Lucky Twice and Morandi's "Oh La La" which should have been a hit last year (even if I prefer the extended mix to the radio edit). I'm really looking forward to it.

Hop Non Stop--all right, let's get this out there to begin with: it's not as good as "Lucky." That's a pretty high standard, though, and this is a good song that I like more and more the more I listen to it. "Hop Non Stop" is bleepier, slightly less...Melodifestivalen sounding, if that makes sense (not that it couldn't be a Melodifestivalen entry). Less cheery, too, and younger-sounding. Still, it's a fun song, complete with an "oohhhHHHH," half-giggles, and a catchy fast chorus, and I'll probably be playing it repeatedly this summer (though that'll probably drive anyone near me crazy pretty quickly, since I suspect most people will have a reaction opposite to mine and find it gets more annoying if heard repeatedly; hopefully I'm wrong, though).

Credit to PubliSpain for the song; thanks!

You can buy Disco Estrella Vol. 10/Disco Estrella 2007 here (physical). I think Lucky Twice's debut album is scheduled to come out June 11, too.

By the way, for loads of last year's "summer songs" in Spain, check out this post from the ever-excellent and trendsetting Don't Stop The Pop.

Next up: maybe a Swedish group or a British singer.


Robpop said...

I love these girls!! the album is ordered on CDon so i am pondering whether or not to download this song.

Disco Estrella is like a key summer album that you must own.

As for Ringside/Enrique. I am so saddened that the band failed to take off. They appeared on DSTP as one of its first acts (as early as Feb 2006). That seems so far away now :( Tired of Being Lonely/Struggle are such beautiful songs.

PinkieDust said...

Thanks!! Turning this up already.

Paul said...

i really like this song, its so catchy. And you were spot on with your enrique review which saves me writing one this week, i can just point people in your direction :) And! Thanks to alexander in your previous comments for the magnus songs. Je t'adore already!

Poster Girl said...

Sorry to tempt you, Robpop ;) I heard people were having trouble finding the album, so who knows when or where it's actually out :-/ Oh yeah--I don't think I was reading back in February, but I think I remember them from the "greatest hits" special!

Glad you like it, Pinkie :)

Oh, thanks! I think the thing lots of people will disagree on will be whether or not "Push" works and I'm not passionate enough about that particular song to really care, but if you view it with sort of a sense of humor, like it was done kind of for a laugh, then it's better as well.

AcerBen said...

thanks for posting the new Lucky Twice single !

I brought the first one to the attention of Apollo/Europa who signed it over a year ago but appear to still be "sitting on it" waiting for it to hit elsewhere in Europe so they can "build a plot".

Hopefully "Lucky" will be a UK hit soon!

Poster Girl said...

No problem! "Lucky" was huge in Spain, but it didn't even do that well in Sweden itself, did it? Fingers crossed for the UK...

AcerBen said...

no they released it twice and it flopped both times :(