Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tu sei la simplicità, quella cosa che mi fa sognare

He sings in Italian, so you could be forgiven for thinking Nyco is Italian...but he's not. He's French. Well, his father is Italian, so I guess you could say he is, and that's the aspect of his heritage he seems to have chosen to emphasize for marketing purposes, but as far as I know, he's always lived in France. He's also the brother of Pierrick Lilliu, a second place finisher on Nouvelle Star (the French equivalent of Pop Idol); his real name is Nicolas Lilliu. He's released one single so far, with an album due to come out later this month...and, conditional on how the preview clips sound, I might buy it. When did summer become so expensive? It feels like there were hardly any new albums that came out last summer that I was interested in, but there's at least one, often more, every week this summer. Anyhow, if we can judge based on his single and the clip of a song on his MySpace, Nyco, as much as he might like to show himself playing a guitar in his music video, isn't pursuing as rocky a direction as Pierrick (based on the little I know of Pierrick's work).

Dimmi perché--I'm pretty sure this a summer fling--I'm not claiming this is a song to stick with you for the rest of your life, or even into next week. Still, there are worse ways to spend three and a half minutes of your life than listening to this mildly electro-influenced song. It's decently catchy and, disposable as it now feels, may even end up being a grower, maybe a song to last the whole summer--I'm not sure. The sound quality of this mp3 seems subpar to me--sorry about that!

You can preorder Nyco's debut album, Dimmi perché, due out May 28, here.

Next up: a Mexican duo.


Robpop said...

Oh this is good. Italian is so sexy isn't it?

A lot cuter than africaans but thats part of the fun of Shine4/Hi5. I've been thinking about your idea about putting together lost pop gems for Shine4's next albums i think we should make a 10 track list of songs...hehehehe

Poster Girl said...

It is! And we should! I bet the blog world could do even better than their actual record company ;) I think I may have to get that Shine4 album--it sounds great!

Jamie said...

Hotty Alert! You always seem to feature the best pop totty on this blog.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha! I try ;) It's a pretty deceptive picture of him, though.