Monday, May 21, 2007

That works for me

So, because I might as well be listening to something useful while I work on this present, I recorded some songs from Swedish radio. Keep in mind these are radio rips and therefore low quality and with some talking over the top.

Song 1 (his current single)

Song 2 (the Fredrik Kempe cover)

Be warned that if you are expecting his current single to be another "Cara Mia," you will be disappointed (I think we'll have to wait for "Brother Oh Brother" or "Dreaming" for something in that vein). That said, in my grand tradition of backtracking on singles by artists I like (I earlier said I was baffled by the choice of single as the song didn't sound particularly good, and I'm still not convinced on the choice compared to other options he had), I've decided I do really like it (possibly love it--I'm quite sure I'll love it by tomorrow and pretty much everyone else will dislike it), though I'm glad the whole album won't be like it. Some of the backing vocals and guitar bits make me think of--no, it's too embarrassing and probably ridiculous to mention.

These are only going to be available for a day or two, as 1.) new single--I don't want to hurt sales, and 2.) the album comes out on Wednesday (I can't wait! It'll take at least a week to get here, though) and then everyone can get better quality versions and will want those instead.

Remember, you can buy the album here or here or order a signed copy here.

(P.S. Is that line really "Workin' wonders with her tail lights"? Surely that's just my typical mishearing of lyrics? If it's not, I am totally going to be laughing and singing along to that all summer.)


Paul said...

hahahahahahahaha that's how i heard it too. How i chortled muchly. And even if it's not that, I think that's what i will sing anyway. Hopefully my copy will be here by the weekend. Hopefully it will be Mantastic. See what i did there!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, I'll be interested to hear what you think of it! I think I'm going to sing that anyway, too ;) Nice work with the pun, too!

Goggle said...

Oh, Bengans and their irresistible offer of signed CDs. I got the Ark's latest CD from there and now I think I will have to get this one too. Eventually I will go broke, but I will have signed CDs.

Poster Girl said...

I know! It's always just "oh, for just a little more, I can get the signed version...why not?"

Kevin said...

The album arrived home on the day of release (Wednesday). My only disappointment is that the CD's cover isn't signed. The CD comes with a postcard of Måns (he looks good... big surprise, really!). The postcard is signed.

The album contains a hidden bonus track, the Acoustic Version of "Cara Mia".

Warner Bros. has commissioned mixes for "Work Of Art (Da Vinci)" from PJ Harmony and Ali Payami. I'm not sure if PG ever discussed Linda Sundblad, but Ali Payami remixed her single "Oh Father".

(This is the third time trying to post this!)

Poster Girl said...

I do know Linda Sundblad, though I've never written about her here.

I can't wait for the album to get here! Hopefully sometime in the middle of next week, maybe a little earlier. So you liked it, then?

I'm waiting to hear back from Blogger, by the way--hopefully I'll get an answer soon!