Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Se på mig

Just a quick post, as I do have an album to get back to listening to...

Date are a Swedish dansband who have apparently been around for quite some time, though I think all the music of theirs I have comes from their circa-2004 incarnation. At the time of this song, I'm pretty sure their lead singer was Patrik Rasmussen, a former Fame Factory contestant (he's the blonde one). They've competed in a Melodifestivalen a few times, but without too much success (they did the best on their first attempt, taking sixth place, but haven't made it to the final since then.)

Se på mig--I spent a long time completely convinced this was a cover, and not just one of those random "it was on the album of some artist in another country, but hardly anyone would know that" covers, but of a song that I knew just from living in the U.S., a song that other people would recognize. However, without being able to make an actual connection or find information saying that (even knowing the songwriter) and having played this song for other people, I'm wondering if I'm going crazy. Maybe it just resembles another song? Anyhow, the chorus is great, full of energy and very catchy and with just a little bit of that style that makes me think of the '80's but that anyone who actually knows anything about '80's music never agrees with me about it. And if it is a cover, will someone please put an end to the torture and let me know?

To buy Date's album Sjunde Himlen, go here (physical). I don't have all of it, but "Om igen" is pretty good, too, though I think it would have less appeal than "Se på mig" to people who don't usually listen to Swedish music.

Next up: it was supposed to be me raving about the new The Tough Alliance album/EP, which I am still going to definitely do, but that may end up put off a day or so for Måns.


londonboy79 said...

Hey, I can't believe I never heard of Date before. That's a cool song ;)

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it! :) Some of the stuff they've done is dull, but in this case they really got it right.