Sunday, May 20, 2007

One thing I can't deny: that girl she wasn't shy

I once read somewhere online--I wish I could remember where--that it wasn't summer until you started hearing songs like a1's "Summertime Of Our Lives" (or was it "Be The First To Believe"?) and 3SL's "Take It Easy." Well, I'm officially ready for summer to be here and I've posted that a1 song before, so...can it be summer now?

Take It Easy--the debut single by the Scott-Lee brothers, brothers of Lisa and two of whom would go on to separately and unsuccessfully compete in the UK's national final for Eurovision. It's really a great boy band song, sort of in the vein of Five's "Keep On Movin'." It just drips summer from every lyric and every hook and is one of those instant feel-good songs. Even if follow-up single "Touch Me Tease Me" was a huge decline in quality, "Take It Easy" is good enough that I would've loved an album from them. I really love it--it's one of those songs I never get tired of.

(The music video fits the song perfectly and puts me even more in the mood for summer--I would've posted it, but it's not on YouTube! I need to learn how to get videos off of CDS and uploaded onto YouTube some day.)

To buy 3SL's single "Take It Easy," go here (physical).

Next up: maybe an American group.


Paul said...

i really did have high hopes for 3SL whether it stood for 3 Scott-Lees or 3 Sexy Lads i didn't care. I was all excited about this single and had huge hopes. Then overnight it seemed that the record company didn't want a sparkling boyband with perky tunes, they wanted another run of the mill "credible" rnb boyband and forced touch me tease me on them. Things could have been so much different...

Poster Girl said...

You're so right--why?! I would've loved an album of songs like "Take It Easy." Sigh. :(

Kevin said...

What is the name of guy on the far left? To me he was the only cute guy in the band, the other two being just a cheap clone. The one on the far right looks like Eddie Munster.

I'd like to know where Mark Baron (ex-Another Level) is. Now he was hot... ;)

Electroqueer said...

awww. I love a good post that features Andy Scott-Lee. Thanks for diggin this one up again PPG. I am still hoping Andy will make his way back into the music industry. If I owned a label, I'd sign him.

Poster Girl said...

I think that's Steve--I'll check for sure when I manage to dig out the single with the video on it, though :) Put Another Level on the list of boy bands that've gone past me so far...I don't think I know any of their songs!

Even more reason to wish you had a label, then, Raj ;) I have to admit that I like his song (well, his version of Lee Blue's song) "Guardian Angel" far more than I probably should.