Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A wake-up call

Very quick post, but CDOn now has the tracklisting for Måns Zelmerlöw's debut album, Stand By For.

1.) Miss America (do we know who Måns worked with for this album? I know Fredrik Kempe wrote "Cara Mia," so seeing a song called "Miss America" crop up on Måns's album when Fredrik also has a song with that title seems a little too coincidental. There are other songs, probably lots of them, named "Miss America," of course, but it wouldn't surprise me if this is a cover. I hope it's not, just because I'd love the maximum number of new songs on the album, but Fredrik's song is good--you can listen to it over at You Don't Know Pop--and I'm sure I'd enjoy Måns singing it...hopefully not acoustic-ized, though, but I can see the song being changed in that way. On the other hand, if it is a cover, maybe that means there'll be some other Fredrik Kempe-penned songs on the album, which would be a very good thing.)
Edit: Ronny&Ronneys Schlagerblogg has confirmed that it is a Fredrik Kempe cover.
2.) The Prayer
3.) Paradise
4.) Lively Up Your Mondays (it's got "lively"--or maybe some variation on it; I've always heard "liven up," but maybe that's just me--in the title--that's got to be a hopeful sign, right? Hopefully upbeat.)
5.) Stand By (Assuming this song incorporates the album title, it seems like it would be pretty energetic. Could still be acoustic singer-songwriter-ish, but it could also be something dynamic, as that's the sort of thing I associate the phrase "stand by for" with--rocket launches and so on.)
6.) Please Me (this cannot be a ballad. There is no way you can get away with a ballad called "Please Me"--slowed down, those words are going to sound ridiculous. So, hopefully uptempo! Or maybe I'm just letting McFly's "Please, Please" influence my expectations.)
7.) Cara Mia (I'm so pleased to see this in the middle of the album, as opposed to tacked on as a bonus track at the end; that means it must fit in with the flow of the album, which makes me think it can't all be singer-songwriter, the style he mentioned before Melodifestivalen)
8.) Agent Zero (ooo--spy theme? Promising...)
9.) Brother Oh Brother
10.) Maniac (maybe Michael Sembello is influencing me, but this has to be something danceable, right?)
11.) Dreaming
12.) Work Of Art (Da Vinci) (cheesy but adorable metaphor, here we come)
13.) My Mistake

Of course, all of this will probably turn out to be wrong, but wild baseless speculation based just on tracklists is always fun.

I should have mentioned this a while ago, but you can listen to clips of more new songs from Gareth Gates's new album, including "Electric" and "New Kid In Town, as well as the previously partially heard "Nineteen Minutes," on his MySpace.

Real post coming later today.


Suki said...

Loving the Gareth tracks. Release dates for the new single 'Angel on My Shoulder' and the album have also been announced today - June 18th and 25th respectively

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, really? I completely missed that! Thanks for letting me know--those dates are getting written onto my calendar straight away :)

Paul said...

oy vey so much to catch up on! You have been busy :P hehe, i have pre-ordered me some mans this very day!

Poster Girl said...

I've preordered my copy, too! I think it's safe to say I'm a little excited about it--but only just a little ;)