Sunday, April 01, 2007

You've got to let go of all your bad memories

I don't think I've done a deliberate multi-day feature on an artist since back in September, when I wrote about a1. I'm going to try again, though; we'll see if I can stay focused long enough to get through it. As planned, though, it's going to last five days. As a warning, though I love the artist in question's music, I'm not hugely aware of much about her, so please correct me if any of this information is wrong.

I love Icelandic singer Selma Björnsdóttir, more commonly known just as Selma. She needs to release another album now, but I'm not even sure if she's doing music anymore (if anyone knows what she's been up to in recent years, please let me know). She first came to international attention when she represented Iceland at Eurovision in 1999 and took second to Charlotte Nilsson, winning Iceland its best place so far at Eurovision (Iceland is one of those countries overdue for a win, in my opinion, given how many great entries they've sent--not this year, though). Before that, she'd done a lot of acting in musicals, but she had released some songs before.

All Out Of Luck--Selma's 1999 Eurovision entry, though it's probably worth noting that this is the album version of the song, not the Eurovision edit--that's why it's over the three minute mark. Really, it's nothing more than a fun upbeat pop song; there's nothing about it that's particularly boundaries-pushing, but that doesn't make it any less great.

All Out Of Luck (Club Mix)--since it's a club mix, yes, it is on the long side (over seven minutes long), but I thought I'd upload it since a lot of people probably already have the song itself. I'm pretty picky about my long remixes, but, even though this probably won't be particularly impressive to people who know a lot about remixes, I enjoy this one. It may just be my imagination, but there's a series of occasional background notes (not the main beat) that reminds me of Gina G's "Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit."

I've alternately seen Selma's debut album called I Am and Selma; I think the Icelandic version may have been called I Am and the international version Selma? I'm not sure. At any rate, you can buy it here (physical) for far too high a price or here (digital) where you'll have to deal with really strict DRM.

Next up: though this was the logical place to start the special on Selma, since Eurovision is what most people know her for, the next post will actually take us back in time to the group Selma was involved with before Eurovision.


Paul said...

i like the club mix of the song :) I love how you deliberated whether to have a multi day post in case you got drawn into other things :) hahahaha. i think like that all the time. PS - they played the McFly album before dancing on ice live tonight, and then Hey Kid. someone has good taste. Duncan got a HUGE Cheer!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, that's so great! Yay for whoever was choosing the songs! And yes, I tend to get distracted easily :)

Adrian said...

I loved her big trenchcoat dancers!

Poster Girl said...

Ah, they were great! I love the dance routine--it was cheesy but it fit the song perfectly.