Sunday, April 15, 2007

You notice she's looking through you at herself in the mirror

(A note: I do try to keep some standards here, but when the best photos--by a long shot--of him happen to be shirtless, what am I supposed to do? Plus, 90% of his promo shots seem to be topless anyway.)

Most of my extremely minimal knowledge about Greek music is on the severely cheesy side, so I'm really enjoying the more sophisticated music PopMusicWorldWide posts. In the meantime, though, here's some of that cheesy stuff.

Sakis Rouvas is probably best known outside of Greece for his Eurovision connections, taking third in 2004 and co-hosting the contest in 2006, but inside of Greece, he's been popular since his debut album back in 1991. I never quite got his Eurovision song "Shake It"--it wasn't bad, but, especially on the first listen, it didn't quite pop for me like it should have (it really only comes alive with the performance); I mean, anything people compare to a Ricky Martin castoff (whether or not it actually sounds like that) should be right up my alley. However, a little investigation revealed he has some songs that I like a lot more. I thought the best thing to do for today would be to stick to English language songs, as those are probably most accessible to people, but maybe we'll get into some of his Greek (and arguably more sophisticated) songs in the future.

Disco Girl--there is a Greek version of this, too, which you can hear in the super cheesy video (what exactly happens at the end?). It should probably trouble me more than it does that my favorite part of this song is the backing vocals' melody. Really, though, you throw "disco" in the title of a modern pop song and you've already got a good chance I'll like it...and I do really like this song, even if it feels like . However, it's calling out for a remix to make it even cheesier and dancier (it has been remixed, but not in the way I'd like yet, or at least that I've heard; most don't play with the vocals enough).

To buy Sakis Rouvas's album Ola Kala, go here (physical) or here (digital). If you're looking for more English songs by him, it's got two others: "Ola Kala" (more danceable stuff and possibly the subject of a future post, if only so I can write about the video) and "The Light" (a surprisingly good if rough around the edges ballad, and maybe also in a future post).

Next up: possibly something Swedish.


J'ason D'luv said...

I love this post... but all those words get in the way.

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I'll try to cut down on those next time. Really, I could've just posted four pictures and had the equivalent of four thousand words right there! What am I doing actually writing?