Wednesday, April 25, 2007

She's devastating, manipulating, no good

Hi all! Just something quick tonight--not a song to change the world, but still fun.

I know I've featured Jimmy Jansson a couple of times before, but I thought today I'd share one of the few English songs I know he's done. I know he's got a few English language versions of some of his songs with the group the Poets but, as far as I know, he's only recorded a couple of solo songs in English. He's Swedish and has competed in Melodifestivalen several times, most recently this year with "Amanda," a very McFly-esque song that I loved and that made it to the second chance round but no further.

Miss Julie--I'm pretty sure this is from Jimmy's younger years, and you can hear that in the sound, to some degree. Actually, come to think of it, that has to be the case, because he's pretty young in this performance of it, so I'm thinking it's from either during Fame Factory or very soon afterwards (if Jimmy's current image befuddles you a little bit, it's worth taking a look at that performance, as it shows him before his styling went overboard--he looks much more natural and it's easier to understand how he was something of a teen idol; even if you don't go that far, it's all very "aww, bless, how sweet/cute!", which I think has influenced my perception of him now). It doesn't have quite the bounce of some of his other songs, nor some of their originality (though "Amanda" bears quite a lot of McFly similarities, "Som Sommaren" and "Godmorgon Världen--or even most of the songs on his most recent album--really don't, beyond being pop with guitars) or, to be entirely honest, all of their quality (it's good, but far from his best), but it's still quite sweet pop-rock and does have the advantage of being in English. Plus, I really can't argue with any song that mentions Moulin Rouge, even if it's not the movie.

To buy the album Fame Factory Vol. 6, which has this song on it as well as others by various Fame Factory contestants, go here (physical). I'm still really enjoying Jimmy's most recent album, Sån E Jag, and he's got some good songs on previous albums, so I recommend listening to some previous clips if you think you might like to hear more from him.

Next up: I'm not sure--maybe that something Danish.

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