Thursday, April 05, 2007

I've never been in love before

A mini-explanation: I love Darren Hayes's music. However, I don't stay nearly as up on what he's doing as I do with a couple of other artists because I know I can count on other places for information about him. Thus, don't be surprised if I'm behind the times with anything. Still, I know he's got a preview of a song that fan club members can listen, and that everyone will be able to listen to the song on his official website on Monday. For now, though, I'm enjoying a clip of a remix of another of his songs, "Step Into The Light," which you can find on the MySpace of the remixer.


J'ason D'luv said...

Thanks for the tip! Going to check it out right now. If you're going to choose one Darren Hayes album (well, he only has two out at the moment), go with Tension And The Spark... though you should really check out "Crush (1980 Me)" off Spin... you can find the video on YouTube.

And if you do one Savage Garden album, I'd go with Affirmation, if you don't already have the greatest hits.

Paul said...

Ahh PPG i am liking DazPants Hayes more and more as he progresses into his career. I currently cannot stop playing Unloveable! And Truly Madly Deeply from the SG days... all very marv.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, yup, I've got all those :) Great recommendations, though!

"Unloveable" is great--it manages to combine the intimacy that people loved at TTAS with what sounds, to me, like a very single-worthy sound--one of the songs on the album that comes closest to being what you'd call "radio-friendly," in sound, at least.