Monday, April 16, 2007

I can't control it, I can't refuse it

You all are going to think I'm crazy, but...

I love this.

I was getting ready to complain about Danny K winning best English pop album at the South African Music Awards this weekend, as his third album, This Is My Time, is 1.) clearly not a pop album--definitely R&B, 2.) doesn't even sound that good, from the clips I've heard (and Boris did the whole "let's rework that Terri Walker song" thing last year, too, and better) when I got distracted...first, I may even end up buying his debut album, as "You Don't Know My Name" sounds like it might be OK, but more importantly, his 2004 collaboration album with kwaito star Mandoza, Same Difference, sounds brilliant. You can listen to clips from it here, but you'll probably want to open that link in a new window.

I just bought it; it'll take some weeks to get here, but you'll definitely see Mandoza and Danny K cropping up here again. I think I may have found my summer album.

(Why is it I think of Ben Stiller when I see Danny K in that video? Whatever, the song is still great.)

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