Friday, April 06, 2007

Do you wanna know how to get me all to your own?

Is this the last Eric-led Click Five song we're ever going to get? Possibly yes, though I guess it depends on what's up with their movie, which I wrote about forever ago, Taking 5 (Christy Carlson Romano is in the movie--if you've heard her cover of their "Friday Night," it's from this movie) and is ...I'm not sure at all how this is working, giving that it was filmed with the "original five" but Eric's now left. I'm expecting something about on par with the quality of Just My Luck, or what I heard about that movie (I still haven't seen it--it's on my to-do list). Apparently the following song is from the movie and is an all-Click Five song, though the same site that has this song also has one of Eric's solo songs. It's not the best swan song ever and I'm still tempted to break into their recording studio and steal any demos for the new album with Eric's voice on them (not that I don't like the new singer, just that it would be interesting to hear), but it's not awful. Very far from their best work, though...these sound more like demos than anything, I think, don't they? Though they probably aren't.

Kidnap My Heart (Rock) (Web Rip)

Technically, the version I've just posted is the "rock" version, as they've also posted a "punk" version...err...I'm not really sure how the other one is "punk." It's slower. It's got fewer guitars, too. If anything, it seems further from punk than the first version, but whatever. The same site also has a higher quality version of Eric's "Postcard from Hollywood," which is still very good.

(As usual, I'm sure if you ask me in a few days--or probably even an hour--I'll love this song. The second time through, I'm liking it more already, but it's still nothing to compete with "Friday Night" or "Pop Princess." I'm always thrilled to hear more from them, though.)

(Another P.S.: even if this song wasn't on the Taking 5 site, it'd be a safe bet it's from the movie, giving the movie's premise about kidnapping a boy band and the title of the song.)

(Final P.S.: the Click Five's new single, "Jenny," will be on iTunes on April 10, so everyone will be able to get their legal and decent audio quality version of it then.)


Paul said...

that's an awful lot of ps's!! hahahaha. Thanks for this - it's not too bad. A decent b-side maybe. I look forward to the movie cos although JML was no work of art, it was kind of cute!! I just can't get behind that cover version of Friday Night though. Shudder

Poster Girl said...

No, I can't either...let's not think about it :) I really need to go rent Just My Luck...knowing my low standards for movies, I'd probably enjoy it!