Sunday, March 11, 2007

Turn the page on what we've left behind

What, you thought I wasn't going to be post this video? (To be honest, I almost forgot).

I'll be back with thoughts on it (it's the music video for Gareth Gates's new song "Changes," in case anyone hadn't guessed) once I have time.

Let's watch this, while we're at it.

And maybe this too.

Oh, the number of times I've copied those dance moves (starting at the "Never been a sinner" line). "I want to come back as Gareth's hair gel" indeed. And I love that closing line.


Suki said...

Thanks for those. I wasn't so sure about Changes initially, but it gets better with each listen and now I love it. Is it radio friendly? Maybe not, but I think Gareth has a hit on his hands. Keeping everything crossed for him. People who have heard it are starting to say that the album is brilliant too, so that makes me a very happy bunny.

Paul said...

hahahahaha i knew to come here first to find the Changes video. i actually really like it :) hehe. I'm looking forward to his album...

popplastic said...

Glad he's back, it'll never be as good as "Anyone of us" or "say it isn't so" but I'm sure I'll love it by April 9.

Who said change was a good thing!

Poster Girl said...

I'm wondering about the radio friendly thing, too--I know I want to love it, so I'm willing to listen to it a bunch of times, but will the average person do so? I hope so! I cannot wait for the album.

Oh, of could I not post it? ;)

Popplastic, this song isn't "poptastic," which, to be honest is what I was originally hoping for, and "Anyone Of Us" is a tough song to follow, but I am glad he's back, too!