Saturday, March 03, 2007

Show me what it takes

Very stop-start so far...hopefully it all improves...Jessica vs. Elin up first.

Edit: I basically saw Elin's performance as a series of still images, so I can't judge...and now Anna Book is saying something about her...looked good, though!

Edit: and now the Ark are speaking about Jessica. Oh, Jessica, you might not have been comfortable in those hotpants last year, but did you have to go in the complete opposite direction? What is that shirt?

Edit: between these two, I'm not sure that it makes a huge difference to me...I think I might give Elin the edge, in terms of my preference, but it's very up in the air. I sort of have a sentimental attachment to Jessica.

Edit: ...and Jessica's through to the next round of this second chance thing! She was too cute holding that stuffed tiger, so I'm happy with this, too.

Edit: Jimmy vs. Sanna, it's like Grease! They're going to race! I should support Sanna here, and I love her song, but I just love Jimmy's song more...he's who I'm rooting for.

Edit: yup, I still adore that song; even now, when I hear it I feel a strong desire to start bouncing around the room. It's so exactly what I love!

Edit...ohh, but I do love Sanna's song, too; both are in my top 10. My two favorites in the second chance round, and they're up against each other; can't we just send them both through instead?

Edit: Sanna's through--no surprise, and I am happy for her, but Jimmy's song is just so fun! I'm hoping she beats Jessica and goes to the Globen. Next up is Uno & Irma vs. Sonja, and I'm definitely hoping Sonja wins this; her ballad is so much better than Uno & Irma's.

Edit: there is something endearing about Uno & Irma's song, but--ooo, now Sonja's singing a Shirley song! And the audience is clapping along! See, people want her back!

Edit: Sonya through--good! I'm not sure who I want to win out of Magnus Uggla vs. Nanne--I think Nanne, though; and if I want Nanne to win, do I want her to beat Sonya? I'm not sure...I think so, but hmm...

Edit: Nanne and Magnus are playing chess--I think Nanne's the U.S. and Magnus is the Soviet Union?

Edit: Nanne's just performed, and--ooo! Now Mans is talking about Nanne. I love Mans's song--it's what I'm hoping wins the whole thing.

Edit: I just live this middle marchy bit of Magnus's song. And he really puts on a great show.

Edit: Magnus through. There will be some very unhappy people out there. I think I would've preferred Nanne, but I'm not hugely angry about it.

Edit: I've only ever seen Jessica's performance when the stream was very stop-start, so I've never noticed how she rips the tie off a man and then he takes it and puts it back on--I guess they didn't want her dancing around with a tie or something lying on the floor to interfere with strutting! I should be hoping for Sanna win more than I am--I want her to win, I think, but not as much as I expected.

Edit: lost my stream...and just when I was getting all optimistic about it staying.'s back! For the end of Sanna's performance.

Edit: some clips from the past--maybe past second chancers in the final? We get to see Barbados with Magnus, Alcazar, Bubbles, and Shirley Clamp, among others.

Edit: clips continue--oh my gosh, "Alcastar"! "Alla flickor"! Also, Magnus Backlund and Rednex. Yup, I'm pretty sure this is past second chance contestants' performances. I'm feeling all nostalgic now.

Edit: Sonja's just performed. Who do I want to win out of her and Magnus? I have no idea.

Edit: the host is smelling Jessica and Sanna now--weird! Just tell us who's made it.

Edit: nope, not telling us yet; Magnus is performing.

Edit: I've decided Magnus is too dangerous in the finals--I want Sonja to win this round.

Edit: great performance from Magnus again, and it is a fun song, but I hold to what I said--hopefully Sonja would just further split the ballad votes in the final, whereas I can see Magnus doing quite well. And if I want Mans to win, the less competition, the better.

Edit: Sanna through to the final!

Edit: and Sonja through! I'm surprised, but pleasantly so! Good for her.

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