Thursday, March 29, 2007

She calls me baby, then she won't call me

Well, I feel obligated to post this. I think if it was from any other group, I'd be very excited about this...but as the lead single (which they've just confirmed it to be) from my beloved favorite American band? I think they can do better. As I said, though, and as Paul Zapping pointed out in the comments, it could be a grower, or just a song that "clicks" one day. Maybe I just wanted to bounce off the walls, and this isn't the sort of song to do that to. I'm sure I'll be listening to it repeatedly tonight at any rate. And probably raving about it in a few days.

MySpace rip (full song now, not just that looped clip)

You can visit their MySpace here.

Fact: if I see one more comment on their MySpace saying "It's good to see you're maturing out of the pop band sound" or "You don't sound as poppy as the last album, which is a good thing," I'm going to be very tempted to get a MySpace to yell at people.

1.) This song is not less poppy than their previous work. Not as good as their best songs, but it is still pop, as much as their first album was. What on Earth do you think it is? It's mellower, but that doesn't make it less pop!

2.) Even if it was less pop, that would not be a good thing! Grrr...

Edit: the former lead singer (and his "Postcard from Hollywood" is a very good song, I've decided) has a new song on his MySpace called "Love is Warfare." It's not as good, but not awful. Alternatively, you can listen to an interview (linked to on his MySpace) listening to him talking about being a "rock guy," repeatedly emphasizing that's what he's always been into and how hard it was to not do that for three years and how "not me" he was during those years, how he's going to be edgier now, etc.


Paul said...

well golly, you gave me something new to listen to on the way to work. I listened to Jenny (i actually REALLY like it); Love is Warfare (you are right - it is no Postcards but is pleasant enough) (and actually i'm always a little dubious when artists dismiss their previous music as "not them" a la Joss Stone and Mandy Moore - it's such a kick in the knickers to the people who bought them. However as Eric is ever such a little bit RAR he is forgiven!) - oh and then i listened to Matt Willis Crash (it's nice enough) and McFly Baby's Coming Back (it's a brilliant b-side, not really an a side). All in all it was a decent stroll to work.

Poster Girl said...

I think I really like it now, too! Yup, I'm with you on the whole artists saying their previous work "isn't them," too, but really, it's not like his new work is that much (if any) more rock than his stuff with the Click Five, is it? Which just sort of makes saying that all the more ridiculous to me. Oh well--I still like "Postcard" a lot.