Friday, March 23, 2007

I met you again a few weeks ago, you had a proper job and a place to call home

OK, so until today, I didn't really know much about the group Laakso (Swedish--of course they are--but seemingly named after a place in Finland), though they've been featured in other places, but now I think I'm in least with this song! This is just a low-quality radio rip (sorry about that), but I absolutely have to share this song with you, because it's amazing. "Italy vs Helsinki," the lead single for their new album (which I think will be their third album) is good, but I think this song is much better; if this is the sort of song they have hidden away on the album, I can't wait to buy it.

Norrköping (Radio Rip)--don't let the title scare you away--this song is in English, not Swedish; Norrköping is just the name of a city. As I mentioned in the post below this, they're supporting the Ark at some upcoming performances, and if you like that sort of music, I definitely recommend listening to this song. I don't even know how to begin to describe it--think narrative, epic, guitars, piano, synths, and just generally amazing. Beautiful, too. This song deserves a much more coherent and better description, so I may write more about it later, but for now, just listen to it already! If they don't have (another?) hit before the end of the year, I'll be very surprised; at the very least, I see lots of blog love in their future, though maybe not in the circles I usually frequent.

Laakso's album Mother, Am I Good Looking?, from which this song comes, isn't out yet--it comes out April 18--but you can preorder it here. A huge thanks goes to Oswald over at Ronny & Ronney's Schlagerblogg for letting me know about their new work.

Next up: maybe that French song, finally.

(Edit: if anyone wants to hear "Italy vs Helsinki," which is growing on me to the point that I'm beginning to love it, too--it's the sort of song that's brilliantly over-the-top--though I still prefer "Norrköping," go to It's A Trap.)


kevin (ru) said...

I like that keyboard three-note riff from "Norrköping", thanks!

This reminded me that it's probably time for you to cover the Russian pop-rock band Zveri. There is a similar part in their hit "Tantsui" ("Dance!").
If you need a mp3, I can gmail it to you.

Paul said...

oddly enough i was mulling posting something about this song today but didn't and you did so you saved me the time and your write up is much better. I wish i had a cool spelling to my name like Paaul. or Pauul. Paull. Hmmm, anyway what a freaking great song :)

Poster Girl said...

Kevin, you've picked out my favorite part and exactly what makes the song, I think! I've never hear of Zveri--I'd love an mp3!

How weird! :) You wouldn't happen to have a better quality version of it, then, would you?

Nick said...

Brilliant! I LOVE Laakso. I posted High Drama from their last album ages ago, but I had no idea they had a new one coming out. I love this song.

Poster Girl said...

Yup--I really liked that song of theirs, but I hadn't been following them, until I heard they had something new coming out. I'm glad you like the song--I'm somewhat obsessed with it at the moment!