Sunday, March 04, 2007

Everything reminds me of your love, boy

Moving out of the boy band ballads special, we have a song that is on the opposite end of the spectrum--up-tempo pop, maybe even dance-pop or Euro-pop, sung by a girl--and I can say "girl," because she was only around fifteen when this was released. Indonesian-born but German-residing singer Millane Fernandez released her first single, "Boom Boom," in 2001; all the sites I've read tend to emphasize that it was produced by Dieter Bohlen of the hugely successful (at least in Germany) duo Modern Talking (he's now a judge on Germany's version of Pop Idol). Her second single--and today's song--also came out in 2001. After that, though, arguments with Dieter Bohlen led to her parting ways with her record company. In 2004, she released her third single, which was more R&B-influenced than her previous work, but it failed to chart.

I Miss You (Dam Dubi Dam)--Millane's second single, and a great catchy song. There's a bell-like part that reminds me of a brighter, more energetic version of the bell-like part in "Around The World"/"Pesenka No. 1" (future post). Don't expect "I Miss You" to sound like that overall, though; despite also featuring some nonsense syllables, "I Miss You" is bouncier and happier and less hypnotic. "I Miss You" is definitely Millane's best song--"What A Good Man," the third single, isn't even in contention, and "Boom Boom" just isn't as catchy and fun, though it is OK. I think it's pretty safe to say they don't make music like this any more, or at least it's pretty rare for people to do so.

To buy Millane Fernandez's single "I Miss You (Dam Dubi Dam)," go here (physical), where you can pay exorbitant prices for it; I'd recommend using eBay instead.

Next up: I just found a song I'd been searching for off-and-on for months, so I'll probably be sharing that next.

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