Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dime quién te ha roto el corazón

I'd like to take you all through my thought process over the past 30 seconds...

ESC Today has a headline saying "NASH record new album"--yay! I click on the article.

The first line says that their new album will come out in April and include the five Eurovision songs--yay again! I really want their version of "Una lágrima," even if as audio it of course won't have the great visuals, and given how much I'm enjoying this album, I'll probably like the new one.

Further on in the article: "All the songs from their last album Capaz de todo will also feature in their latest album..." Me: "oh...that's not as exciting, then. And of course I literally just bought their first album. Well, I guess their first album didn't sell that well, and at least when I buy this album, I'll finally have the one song I'm missing, 'Más allá de las estrellas.'"

The sentence continues: "...with the exception of Mas Alla De Las Estrellas."


Of course.

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