Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chapter two, I blamed it all on you

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These Fame Factory compilation albums have introduced me to some people I'd never heard of before, including today's singer. After research, I still don't know that much about Hannah Westin, and what I do know about her musical career makes me a little uncomfortable, to be honest, so let's just focus on the fact that she was a Fame Factory contestant during the first season, which also had, among other contestants, Magnus Bäcklund and Jessica Andersson.

Tell Me How To End This Story--this song is very girl-pop (whatever that is). If this song wasn't so catchy, I'd be tempted to brush her off as someone having a sweet voice but not really making good songs, which would be easier...but, as is, I've found myself listening to this song a lot and being very tempted to sing along with the chorus. I guess it's sort of like a sweet form of teen-pop (sweet in sound, not story-wise). The chorus is easily the best part, and whoever wrote the song knew that, because that's what the song starts out with in an attempt to hook you in as quickly as possible.

To buy the album Fame Factory Volym 3, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: something very upbeat and very poppy by two former Fame Factory contestants.

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