Monday, February 12, 2007

You got to leave no stone unturned

Maria Haukaas Storeng, or just Maria, was in the same season of Norwegian Idol as blogger favorite Margaret Berger, but she's taken a decidedly different stylistic path; her debut album, Breathing, released in 2005, is full of great, if young-sounding, girl-pop, generally with guitars, though not heavy ones, and sometimes a hint of country. There were rumors of her participating in Melodi Grand Prix (Norway's Eurovision selection process) this year, but they turned out to be nothing. If you like girl-pop, I really recommend the album; there are a couple of disposable tracks, but overall it's really solid and enjoyable; choosing just one song was very difficult.

Should've--this isn't the best of her songs, but it is the one that first got me interested in her. Her music is almost always upbeat and fun, and this song's no exception (even if it is about learning from her mistakes), though it's a little less guitar-ish and country-influenced than some of her other songs (which are never unpleasantly guitar-based or really that country). It's also very light, and though I wouldn't say her songs are ever heavy, this one is probably a little lighter than most.

To buy Maria's debut album Breathing, go here (digital) or check iTunes. I really recommend checking out some of her other songs--she has some with more staying power, and it's a great album.

In the world of links, go visit the Schlagerboys for an exclusive interview with Melodifestivalen contestant Magnus Carlsson--they get great interviews, and they're always funny to read. In fact, their site is always hilarious, and great for keeping up with Eurovision.

The HotStuff Files has an alternate music video for Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around...Comes Around," and it is truly brilliant. Really. Go watch it.

Next up: maybe that German band I said I was going to write about forever ago.

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