Friday, February 23, 2007

We break up a little bit

It's a bittersweet day--we get to hear another set of Melodifestivalen songs, but this is the last set, though contest-wise we still have the second chance round and the finals to go. There's not much here taking me to the ecstatic heights of last week, but there are some good songs...I'll update soon.

Sanna (utter schlager, and certainly deserving of going straight to the final. Love the climax, love the beats at 2:25, and love the song. Plus, it's got a real ending.)

After Dark (sounds like "Go West" by the Village People mixed with something that's escaping me at the 1:22 point. Very fun, and I can't wait to see it performed! I do wonder if the really strong similarities with other songs are going to hurt it, though, or cause further accusations of plagiarism. If you want to know what this song is really about, the Schlagerboys have explained it. This song and Sanna's are easily my favorites this week.)

Sadly, those are the only songs I feel like are absolute must-listens. Maybe I'm just tired (in general--definitely not tired of Melodifestivalen!). Though I didn't want to like Emilè "I don't really care about being in Melodifestivalen" Azar, his song is inoffensive enough, sort of cute, actually. I like Andreas's song more than "Sing For Me," but I was never really a fan of that song. Sarah's song is a nice ballad. I've shocked myself by liking Magnus's song more than I thought I was going to (but then I thought I wasn't going to like it at all); "ohhh"'s get me every time, and I can imagine some ridiculous but fun marching-around choreography at 2:21. I still don't want it in the final, though. Verona's song is very clubby, and if the Attic and Therese couldn't get through last week with their better song (it's not an awful song, but it's far from amazing), I can't imagine she has a chance. However, none of these songs comes close to Sanna's and After Dark's--they just have to be the top two places this week, though, given this year so far, they probably won't be.

Since I pretty much need to post a song in English so I actually have something to quote for the title, here's Andreas's song.


Next up: the performances! Can't wait, as always. And I may go back and edit and expand this post, as it seems a little short right now. I'm hoping some more songs will grow on me.


Paul said...

i have totally lived vicarious through you for this festival thingy - is that andreas lundstadt? I love the magnus and mars songs. A lot (see saturdays blog!)

Poster Girl said...

Nah, sadly--this is Andreas might know his song "Glorious"? More guitarsy than ex-Alcazar Andreas. Sigh...I'm still sad about "Move"'s fate, though I know a lot of people did not love it.

I adore the Magnus and Mans songs--I'm so glad you like them! :)

melodimen said...

Reckon the 1'22 bit in After Dark has been heard in Steps Tragedy, it is so very Go West - more Pet Shop Boys' version. Should be a great show performance!

Love Sanna's song too, but on recent form it won't be as simple as that, so expect Magnus U and Andreas J to be in the reckoning with the Swedish televoters.

Troy said...

OH MY GOD! SANNA! This is going to be so hard... I dont know who should get my final vote at the final... I think I am going to go for Mans Zelmerlow though!

Sanna is definitely in my top 3 with Anna Book as well.

After Dark is very fun but sounds too much like a copy of a bunch of really gay songs ;)

Poster Girl said...

You're right! It is so "Tragedy"! I can't believe I didn't figue that out. The polls showing Sanna coming fifth have me worried...

There's a moment in Sanna's song which reminds me of "Give Me Your Love," which I absolutely adore, so I'm fine with that :) I cannot wait to hear all your reports from the final! I'll have to live vicariously through you ;)