Saturday, February 17, 2007

How can you leave me now?

After my computer basically breaking at 2:03, I managed to get it up and running again just in time to see the beginning of Måns's performance...not as fab as the studio version, of course, but such an amazing song!

Edit: you know, I do like this MissMatch song, even if one of the girls is looking rather wide-eyed. Plus, they've got pyrotechnics! The fact that it's only sixth or so in my ranking of this heat is a testament to how strong this semifinal is.

Ahhh! Magnus is up!

Edit: leather! oooo!

Have I used the word brilliant to describe this song yet? Well, it is! To the final, along with Måns, please!

Edit: I think I may have to go buy all albums Therese has been involved in. As a performer, she is, to borrow a British word, "ace." She's spinning around on a platform! Oh, and now the shot cuts to looking down, and she's lying down on the platform, which is revealed to look like a CD! While the Attic stand in the middle and do very little, she has to provide the show...and I think she does a good job. Really, the spinning and the CD is enough for it to win my approval.

Edit: the Schlagerboys are so right...Sebastian has totally taken one of the Alcazar boys' costumes from 2003, but it doesn't quite fit him. As much as I love Måns's song, and I love Måns for singing it, Sebastian seems to be more of a solid performer--vocally, yes, but there's also just a certain presence he has.

Edit: Sonja, where are the seagull sound effects? They were totally taking your "my song washes over you like a wave" statement to the next level.

Edit: I want platforms like Nanne's. Nanne, you're such a great singer and performer--I just wish the instrumental part of your song had some extra punch, some more "oomph," was less acoustic.

Edit: the top 5--Nanne, Magnus (yay!), Sebastian, Måns (double yay! triple yay!), and Sonya (I'm afraid she's going to end up making the top 4...). I'm actually very happy with that, though, but that's conditional on the final result.

Edit: I really need to learn Swedish so I can understand this musical--I really like the idea of it.

Edit: wait, what's happening? Why are the credits rolling? Ohhh...maybe it was a joke?

Edit: Sebastian to the final...which normally I would be sort of pleased with, because I like the song, but Nanne will certainly take the other spot, which means, even if my two favorites both make it to the second chance, they can't make it to the final. Sad...but I'm still hoping!

Edit: oh no! Sonya to the second chance!

Edit: no way! Nanne to the second chance! Who beat her?

Edit: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

I'm shocked and thrilled Måns is in the final, but Magnus's song is out of the running? Are you joking?

I'm starting my own alternative Melodifestivalen. Andreas, Cosmo4, and Magnus are all going to be in the final. Boooooo!!!!!

Edit: I don't like to look for alternative reasons for placings, but is the Swedish public just sick of seeing Magnus and Andreas? I don't understand at all how "Live Forever" could fail to make at least the second chance round. Seriously. I am hugely excited about Måns going straight to the final now, though (and I can't believe he and Sebastian beat Nanne), and how excited he was was adorable--he even jumped on the announcer's back! It does make me wonder about whoever is selecting the songs for Melodifestivalen--"Cara Mia" wasn't originally selected, only making it in because two other songs were disqualified. I just don't understand how a song as brilliant as "Live Forever" could fail to do anything in the competition.


Nick said...

I agree that this is easily the strongest round so far. All of the songs are amazing!! I pick Magnus and Sebastian to advance, but I'd be happy with any result really. I can't wait to see the performances on Monday!

Oh, and this week's got me a bit scared for my dear Ark. I still think they'll win, though.

Kevin said...

Oh Poster Girl, the Magnus song sucks! ;)

I can't believe it either! Måns Zelmerlöw is in the running! "Cara Mia" and "The Arrival" are my favorite 2 songs out of the 32 entries, and I was so sure both will lose. So I guess I was half right! "The Arrival" is the best song of the competition, so I'm not at all surprised they lost.

Sebastian looks unrecognisable with his crew cut... and what's up with the Jacko-outfit, circa Thriller? Scary. Magnus looks as creepy as usual, and his face is so fat!

Anyway, I'm glad Måns is in the running... Grandma Nanne needs to retire, or at least stop entering Melodifestivalen!


Poster Girl said...

Well, Nick, you'll be happy with at least one result!

Apparently a lot of Sweden agrees with you ;) I love "The Arrival," but I was pretty sure it wouldn't do well (though I can't believe Shieda beat it!), but Måns--I'm thrilled for him! His song is brilliant--it's danceable, it's fun, and it's positively epic. If he performs it well, it really could go down well at Eurovision...I wonder if he'll make it there? Not such a fan of Sebastian's current hair cut--who is styling him? I'm still reeling over Måns, with his first song ever, beating out Nanne...songwise, he clearly deserved it, but it's not what I expected at all. I just hope he continues with this musical direction...

Eurocovers said...

I don't get it, all the good ones get sent home. I guess they'll have no. 1 hits anyway.

Thanks for the link Poster Girl. Added yours to my list.

Jan @

Poster Girl said...

I hope so!

No problem...and thank you! I adore your site, and it was far past time I added it to my links :)

Jamie said...

Can anyone please explain to me how the Attic featuring Therese came seventh!?! Fab song, fab performance and fab writhing on CD by Therese. So what if Kyli's done it before!

Oh and poor Magnus. Looks like he's being replaced by the younger models. If he can't get to the final with a fab song like this then maybe he should have a long break and come back in 2/3 years or so. I think the swedish public may be sick of seeing him now and may need a bit of respite. Ms Clamp has done the right thing in giving it a break although what sort of song she'll sing the next time is anyone's guess.

Poster Girl said...

Out of all the injustices that have occurred in Melodifestivalen this year, Sheida beating the Attic surely must be right up there. I loved it, but didn't expect it to do well...I expected it to better than that, though, especially after Therese's performance!

You must be right about Magnus--the performance was not all that, but if the song couldn't get him to the top 5, he probably should take a break from Melodifestivalen for a while. And I'm worried about what Shirley's going to return with when she does come back...fingers crossed, though!