Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A contracorriente vive hoy mi razón , por ti no sé ni dónde voy

Help! I think I'm verging on obsession's like infatuation, but without any physical interest, and it's not as if they're making the world's best music either. On the other hand, I'm not being ironic about it at's very confusing.

More random things about Nash:

(Apologies about the picture quality, but I couldn't find a picture, so I had to take a screencap of the YouTube video)

What on earth is Mikel Nash wearing? Am I that out of the world of "in"? Is wearing either boots or shoes with the tongues pulled out and rolling up your jeans so that there's a giant gap between where they end and where your giant shoes stop in style? I wonder if that's why they're not showing the bottom of his pants in this photo...

(All right, so they do scrub up nice. But I legitimately think that has nothing to do with why I'm fascinated by them. And, as I've said, I don't think it would matter for me anyway.)

This may be even better, though--read their explanation as to why they called themselves Nash (apparently it's technically NASH):

"The name was formed mixing 4 very important letters for us. N is for Basty’s grandma, A for Ony’s father, S for Seville, the city where Javi was born, and H is for Hennet, Mikel’s family name."

(Source: ESC Today)

That may possibly be the most random thing ever; I don't even know what to make out of it. Did they seriously all go away to think and come back with the first letter of something that was important to them, without any guidance as to what that something should actually be? At least with 'N Sync (or at least I remember hearing this at the time), it was all based on the last letter of their last name--some of the Nash boys chose places, some chose first names, some chose last it more likely that they just chose the name "Nash" and then invented an explanation for it?

New album coming next fall, apparently.

If anyone knows some place to buy an actual physical copy of their first album, Capaz de Todo, that's not going to take four weeks before they ship it ( or charge me $30 for shipping (El Corte Ingles), please let me know!

If you all are lucky I'll be over this soon. Until then, feel free to skip reading all my random Nash updates...and there will probably be more. I just sort of love them as a group--no, scratch the "just," I do, even if I don't know why.

(It's difficult for a girl to have a lot of credibility when writing about a boy band; I know what the assumptions are, and I play to them sometimes, so it's partly my own fault when I find myself struggling to explain and justify my interest in and support of them...I'm going to try to come up with something more coherent explaining it all, I think, if I can sort it out.)


Kev said...

Nena Póster, me preocupo por vós... NASH són tan... blah! Esos macarras no son bien atractivos, no es cierto?

Have you tried FNAC? They have the special edition of the album (CD-Bonus Tracks + DVD) for 15,95 €, and if I understand correctly, an additional 16% discount.

Poster Girl said...

I know, I'm hopeless ;) It really has nothing to do with how they look, because that's nothing to drive me crazy...there's just something I find adorable about them. I think it might be that they don't seem very polished, or something. It's more of an "awww!" impulse than an "oh my gosh I have to stalk them!" sort of thing, if that makes sense; baby turtle cute, not hot-cute.

...or maybe I'm just starved for more boy band music. I'd like to imagine it's the former, though.

No, I haven't tried that, but I will now--thanks! :)

Paul said...

step away from the NASH (note how i indulge people's little moniker quirks ;) ) (says the boy addicted to Simon Curtis and Digital and Eton Road and.........)

Kev said...

PG, you need to be introduced to the magic that is Bad Boys Inc.! BEST BOYBAND EVER! :)

Poster Girl said...

Really? I know hardly anything about them! I've been missing out!