Friday, January 19, 2007

To me he's just a mess

I haven't been able to find out too much about Norwegian singer Anne Hvidsten. She released her debut (and so far only) album Need To Know back in 2003 or 2004, but her website hasn't been updated since 2004, which is not a promising sign, to say the least. That's really unfortunate, because, from the little I've heard of her work, she seems to have made some great songs (though I haven't heard any that I like more than this one yet). Musically, she tends to draw comparisons to Lene Marlin and Venke Knutson, which is pretty good company to be in.

Star (Radio Rip)--this is just a radio rip, since I can't find anywhere for people not living in Europe to buy the album, but it's of listenable quality (128 kbps); it's just cut off very quickly at the end. "Star" falls into the category of acoustic guitar pop sung super-sweetly by female Norwegian artists, and there's a good chance that you already know if you like that sort of music or not; this, though, is a very good example of that. Anne's voice is practically heartbreakingly sweet and the song, depending on your mood, is either pretty, beautiful, or gorgeous.

If you live in Europe, you can buy Anne Hvidsten's first album Need To Know from CD On (physical).

Next up: maybe a song from the UK or Denmark.


kevin said...

If you need Star in 224 kbps album quality, let me know.

Also don't miss her video on I need to know. A very stylish work by Norwegian Pravda studios.

HotstuffFiles said...

Wow, she is certainly amazing, or a bit of a (wait for it)... star.

And right now - I've had a look around, and because I love to enjoy (insert stiked out 'illegal' - damn HTML!) downloads, I've found a copy of her album.

If you haven't got it, feel free to email moi for a link to download it.


Poster Girl said...

Kevin, you're right--that is a very well-done video! It sort of leaves me wanting a sequel, though.

And I think I will be e-mailing you soon :) I just can't find anywhere to buy that album!

Damien said...


I create this on mySpace :

Anne Hvidsten have no more contract with EMI Music Norway and she continued her studies. I hope to show her that she must continue to sing. "Need to know" album is just wonderful.